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Wissh in a Contemporary Kitchen in Miami

The project of Fede Design in Miami, Florida is an exemplary state-of-the-art design project, featuring our unique model Wissh. The elegant dining area in a contemporary minimalist style and calm palette is adorned with our unique chandelier representing the shooting star.

Vague in a Luxury Apartment in London

The exquisite project on Kensington High Street designed by the CID Interieur is featuring our model Vague. The curve of the chandelier and the golden hue of the light playfully emphasize the sitting area of the living room and complement the exclusive furniture and the rich textiles.

Villa in Switzerland

The cosy living room in Germany designed by The Martinuzzi Interiors is adorned with the wavering crystal shining, coming from the gentle curve of the Vague. The crystal reflections add beautiful soft light, filling the room with warmth.

KOI in a Luxury Villa in Dubai

Manooi is an established brand providing unique solutions for the luxurious interiors. We were proud to participate in a dazzling project of the Tao Design in Dubai, where each material and detail of the interior was chosen with scrutiny and attention.

Vague 3D in a Luxury Chalet

The dramatic combination of the sparkling crystal light and the gorgeous woodwork brings an exceptional feeling to this luxury chalet. The splendid curve of Vague 3D suspended over the dining table accentuates the space and creates a very warm and intimate ambiance.

POLARIS and DEEP SKY in Mumbai

We had a wonderful opportunity to work with the ZZ Architects for several times already.  The residential project in Mumbai India is a fine example of the complex interior palette and a daring experiment with styles.

Ozero in a Mexican Villa

The Mexican villa project implemented by the Internum Houston, is complemented by our dazzling model Ozero. The contrast with the lush greenery in the window with the natural light flowing through it in abundance is underlining the gorgeous perfection of the of the crystal chandelier– with its warm and ambient shining.

Koi in a project in the UK

The living room project in the UK designed by the Uber Interiors is an example of a consistency in geometry – the living room is an apology to rational, balanced vision of space. The recurring rectangular objects create the dominant pattern.