With our new collection we aim to maintain the partnership of modernity and tradition, through innovation and craftsmanship, simplicity and luxury. While constantly working on the perfection of our products our founding values are unchanged: exclusivity, uncompromising quality and limitless
artistic creation.

We select the best raw materials when assembling our products. It applies to all the crystals, suspensions, cables and the supporting material we use. Crystal works like a prism: the higher the lead content of the glass the more it scatters light. This is why we use only crystals of the highest quality available worldwide to manufacture Manooi chandeliers.

Every piece of the thousands in our full-cut crystal pendants are suspended by nickel plated rings and the structure is polished stainless steel or high quality copper. As always all Manooi Collections are assembled by hand in our very own workshop.

We love crystal for its quality of reflected light. While custom-made crystal chandeliers remain our well-established international flagship product, our passion has led us to go beyond crystal. Our designers are developing sculpture like installations as well producing tailor made personal
compositions. We invite you to take a journey through our brand new innovative products. They all have one thing in common: they bring you light in its purest form.

“We’re passionate about bringing light to you in its purest form.” – János Héder

Manooi is inspired by the natural light around us. As we design and manufacture custom-made crystal chandeliers our goal is to re-create harmonious, positive natural light within individual homes and public buildings.

Crystal is a beautiful material. It has been with us for centuries and remains one of the most widely used components for chandeliers for their spiritual quality in reflecting light. Over the years we have enjoyed a growing fondness in working with it. We hope to bring this joy to you and your environment, as we believe that good design should make the world around us a more beautiful and harmonious place to live in.

Manooi Light Creations was founded by the artist – designer couple János Héder and Judit Zoltai. The company is under their joint managment. János has from the beginning been the lead designer at Manooi. The workshop is a cradle of creative activity where the hands of devoted and talented young designers brainstorm, draw, play, assemble and reassemble models of beautiful light creations.

“Light forms space – as an architect I work with light sources as the determining elements in a given space.” – János Héder

Manooi Light Creations continue to cooperate with architects around the world, developing special light installations for their projects. Every year we are excited to present Manooi’s latest collection to our loyal international clients, many of them are art lovers with a constant desire for new and powerful aesthetics. The demand for a more personal design has led us to continue to experiment with new materials, design accessories and furniture. Check out these pages and our website for the latest developments.