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ICEBERG cluster shows off the space

The Iceberg composition in a residential project in Russia is offering a way to emphasize the space, add a special intonation to the dining zone which otherwise could be lost in the passageway. The Iceberg chandeliers make any person stop in fascination and concentrate their attention on the beautiful arrangement of the hemispheres of light and the multicolour sparkles which move and change with the observer’s gaze upon them.

Integrating ICEBERG with the Birgit Otte Interiors

The dining area in a luxurious apartment in Germany, designed by the Birgit Otte Interiors in a modern style, is featuring our gorgeous Iceberg model. The sparkling hemisphere of the chandelier is a fountain of light with the streams of crystal reflections suspended over the dining table.

Deep Sky shines over majlis project

The majestic Majlis in Kuwait, designed by Mr. Issa Taha is the embodiment of desert with its openness, light and stillness. The model Deep Sky is representation of the limitless night sky, as it can be seen in a desert over the sun-burnt sands.

Manooi Chandeliers in Sweden

This modern luxury apartment design in Sweden features three of our contemporary crystal chandelier models: HALO, DEEP SKY and ORIGO. Suspended in composition over the sitting area, Deep Sky units  underline the rectangular elements in the interior. Contemporary crystal chandelier Origo provides flexible decorative lighting for any space, including a staircase area. The Halo composition seen here, which

Project in London

We had a pleasure to work with the CID design team on a project in Kensington district in the UK. Our two models – Atoll and Linea are acting as the visual links between the dining zone and the living room.

Atoll at the Istanbul Airport

The splendid bathroom in the Istanbul Airport is complemented with our model Atoll, underlining the complex geometry of space. With the multiple mirror reflections, the space is filled with flickering light and creates the pleasant and relaxing atmosphere.

Manooi in the Ago Einrichtungen Showroom, Graz

Manooi is happy to be a part of the splendid showroom in Graz. The Artikoi, suspended over the sitting corner, is a fine symbiosis between the solemn geometry of a rectangle with the characteristic ellipse of our signature model Artika.

Collaboration with the Mill Studio

The gorgeous project of the Mill studio in Russia is featuring our remarkable Artikoi, the model charming in its combination of strict lines of a rectangle with the unique inner curve of an irregular ellipse.

Artica Composition – Grand Sheraton Hotel, Dubai

Over the years our flagship model Artica has proven to be the most successful high end lighting solution for representative spaces. Its recognizable ellipse is featured in luxury residence interior design projects all over the world. For the Sheraton Hotel in Dubai, the curved shapes of three Artica custom chandeliers were combined in a complex