S/ALON BUDAPEST is the largest interior design fair in Hungary providing inspiration, fresh ideas and viable solutions for those about to build or renovate their homes and for decoration and styling enthusiasts. More than 100 interiors over 7000 square meters – living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, wardrobes, terraces, even design garages and music rooms – are decorated with carefully selected furniture, wall coverings, lighting, accessories and artwork to try, book or even buy on the spot.

We are proud to be present at the HELLO HUNGARIAN DESIGN stands surrounded by many talented designers of furniture and accessories. The most prominent representatives of the interior design and design profession were presented in meticulously designed interiors. Among these inspiring stand of the S/ALON BUDAPEST, MANOOI was presented with its more classic collection style chandeliers, RIO from the Crystalight Collection. And for the contemporary design lovers we presented two crystal chandeliers, ORIGO PULSAR, HANABI and FINELINE from our Personal Universe Collection.

Rio crystal chandelier

 Rio crystal chandelier

This chandelier demonstrates the effect of gravity in space: RIO is asymmetry combined with the perfect regularity of the circle. It is the chandelier of choice for those desiring a twist on the everyday symmetrical forms.

Origo Pulsar crystal chandelier

Origo Pulsar crystal chandelier

With the play of asymmetry and harmony, Origo Star was further elaborated to create Origo Pulsar – unique and inimitable crystal creation, redefining the idea of a crystal chandelier as it is known. The combination of contemporary materials with the classical view of crystals creates an exclusive look of an interior.

Hanabi Spark crystal chandelier

Hanabi Spark crystal chandelier

HANABI from Manooi grasps the sensation and effect of the shimmering light of fireworks. Creating a splendid impression using the finest crystals and high-tech LED components, this contemporary designer lighting can be combined limitlessly in compositions filling enormous spaces with the elegant play of light.

Fineline crystal chandelier

Fineline crystal chandelier

Exquisite FINELINE is a curved beam of pure light, frozen in the flash of a second. The combination of fine geometry and its luxurious crystals makes FINELINE a great choice for a wide range of interiors. This chandelier looks especially striking in compositions, with the possibility to create truly peerless and playful lighting solutions.








Apartment in Porsche Design Tower

Porsche Design Tower Miami is a luxury apartment building in a class of its own. Porsche Design Tower Miami is nestled between sophisticated Bal Harbour, and elegant Aventura lies the intimate seaside community of Sunny Isles Beach, South Florida’s new address for Engineered Luxury – Porsche Design Tower Miami.

Surrounded by spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean and the Intracoastal Waterway, this exclusive location embodies a new definition of luxury, comfort, and convenience.

In a luxury apartment in this unique building, K-2 Design created an exceptional interior design with full of high-class materials. Luxurious finishing materials, furniture and lamps are widely used in the decoration of the apartment. The walls of the bathrooms are finished with marble slabs, the floors are covered with marble and deck parquet. The walls of the rooms are finished with luxury wallpaper, decorative painting and paneling. Doors and panels made by Longhi, lamps – Manooi, Terzani, Artemide, furniture – Flexform, Natuzzi, Longhi, Pggenpohl.

Interior Design by Sergey Kuzmin.



ARTICA is the flagship and one of the most successful Manooi models. This perfectly planned crystal chandelier, embodies the spirit of the brand; over time it has become the recognised shape and logo of Manooi around the world.










Luxury apartment in Jade Beach, Sunny Isles, FL


Jade Beach condos Sunny Isles is the ultimate luxury beachfront oasis which is designed for those enjoying their lifetime successes and while there are other premier towers along the Sunny Isles Beach coastline, there is nothing like Jade Beach condos when location, views, and value is of importance.

K-2 Design has designed and built nearly 450 residential and commercial properties spanning over 3.8 million square feet (over 350,000 sq.m.). This time, they imagined and created a luxurious inteiror design with luxurious finishing materials, furniture and lamps are widely used in the decoration of the apartment. The walls of the bathrooms are finished with onyx slabs, gold and wooden mosaics, the floors are covered with marble and deck parquet. The walls of the rooms are finished with granite, silk wallpaper, mosaics and wood paneling. Lamps – Manooi and Baccarat., Furniture – Fendi, Kitchen – Eggersmann.

Interior Design – Sergey Kuzmin and Tatiana Gogina.


ARTICA is the flagship and one of the most successful Manooi models. This perfectly planned crystal chandelier, embodies the spirit of the brand; over time it has become the recognised shape and logo of Manooi around the world.

LINEA is a rainfall of light with shimmering drops of crystal. Like an endless translucent curtain, LINEA is striking in its length. Various lengths of crystal rows give off the effect of a continuous flow to the chandelier.

linea artica k2 design





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When it comes to contemporary interior design, less is always more. Manooi’s most versatile crystal chandelier, Origo in the Personal Universe Collection, Origo is ready to fulfill your interior design with its sparkling vibes.

Origo Cone follows the minimalist aesthetics introduced by the original Origo pendant and comes in novel shape – elegant and refined сone. With its copper lampshade and LED light source, it adds warmth and glamour to an interior. Apart from copper, Origo Cone is made also in polished or brushed chrome finishes (black or white color). This modern style crystal chandelier provides the possibility of infinite arrangements of various clusters but can be also used as a single pendant. This skillfully handcrafted lamp is adorned with the crystals of the highest quality.

Contemporary style bathroom inspiration with crystal chandelier cluster including three Origo Cone.

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Its modern style makes it easy to match almost any interior style. Due to its versatile size and shapes it perfectly adaptable for every interior.


IMG 0436






amLAB studio provides a full-service consultancy for architectural design, interior design, research/branding projects, and design-build projects. The team puts in immense effort to be a single point of contact for any client, they work with full customer focus to create competitive and customized solutions: beyond common places. MANOOI is proud to be present with KOI crystal chandelier in one of their latest project which was designed for a pharmacy in Budva.

A KOI crystal chandelir have been place in the center point of the well designed PHARMACY- UNIPROM PHARM BUDVA in Montenegro. The pharmacy is located within the luxury 5 star hotel Hotel ‘Budva’, overlooking the Adriatic. With its geometric contour and a soft curved bottom design, our KOI is available in several versions. KOI seduces with its elegant simplicity and is thus the preferred choice for representative spaces. Its versatility makes it adaptable to all kinds of environments and it provides a well-defined geometrical light.



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Design Day 2022

World Industrial Design Day 2022: Discussing the connection between leadership and design


Modern crystal chandelier manufacturer, MANOOI is proud to have taken part in celebrating World Industrial Design Day 2022 at the ONYX Restaurant in Budapest on 29 June. It marked the 65th anniversary of the World Design Organisation (WDO), an organisation which has been championing design for a better world for over six decades. 

On this year’s occasion, representatives of the Hungarian Design Council and others focused on the WDO’s theme of leadership and the many ways in which designers are leading the charge towards a better future. 

MANOOI’s founder, designer and company manager, János Héder, was among the high-level participants in an informal round-table discussion on “Design – Business – Well-being”. He and others shared their recipes for success as designers, offering advice and insights on their business models and management strategies.

Having grown up in a society where almost everyone had the same mass-produced, utilitarian objects in their homes, János has always been a proponent of the evolution of design, to which he attributes his company’s success as a creator of modern, bespoke chandeliers. 

“In my parents’ flat I used to have various ideas on how things should look or how it was possible to improve them,” he recalls, adding that he has a special appreciation for silverware, plates, or furniture  that is well thought out.

The venue for the World Industrial Design Day 2022 celebration, Budapest’s ONYX Restaurant, also embodies such sentiments, as a laboratory for gastronomy, art and science – all equally important parts of the creative process. Cooks, pastry chefs, food designers, food engineers and sommeliers there all come together to create something special for their audience.

Round table discussion at Onyx Restaurant

During the round table discussion two different worlds came together and shared their experiences and thoughts of the imporance of leadership in business development, strategy.

János Héder, our founder and art director proudly shared our story, the birth of the MANOOI Universe and importance of design in business development and strategic planning.

Design Day 2022 at Onyx Restaurant


Design Day 2022 at Onyx Restaurant


Design Day 2022 at Onyx Restaurant

Design Day 2022 at Onyx Restaurant


gold colour halo chandelier

Visually attractive and technically well-designed interiors make our environment more valuable. In addition to aesthetics, functionality and innovativeness are key factors in interior design.
Creators and leading specialists of U & U Design Studio, Roman Ishchuk,architect with 20 years of experience and Julia Ischuk is a designer who knows how to surprise even the most demanding client
U&U Design projects combine engineering and artistic approaches.

In the living room of a luxury appartment, an attractive MANOOI crystal chandelier cluster have been installed in unique, golden colour. HALO was designed with the intention of maintaining an apparent airiness by using a minimum of matter without ever compromising on the quality or the effect rendered. This unique piece reminds us of the excellent capacity and phenomena that light can create. Every crystal is carefully assembled into small branches, emerging like light beams that would be covered with frost and diffract the light into thousands of sparkles. HALO can be installed either vertically or horizontally depending on your imaginations. This horizontally installed, golden HALO fits perfectly the elegant interior design of the appartment.

Whether arranged in horizontal or angled position, HALO will be a real eye-catcher when different diameters are combined. And thanks to its light and minimal design you can be sure of always being elegant but never overpowering the interior design.



gold colour Halo chandelier


standard colors

MANOOI light creations are only made with premium-quality crystals: full-cut octagon pieces specially carved to recall the look of diamonds. This special crystal cut helps to absorb natural light and to create the incomparable sparkling effect that only a crystal can provide. Its optical traits can break down visible light into spectra, resulting in colour combinations like those of a rainbow.

We use various sized crystal pieces / octagons to give a streamlined shape and an airy effect to our light creations. Most of our chandeliers are available in coloured versions, too. These crystals are coloured within their own material to ensure the durability of the colours for eternity.

Alongside transparent versions, and our nine standard colour combinations, we are ready and able to create custom colour combinations as an element of your bespoke chandelier. During the years MANOOI crystal chandeliers were born in many different colours upon our customers imaginations. Between many thousands of colour combinations, we selected the nine most popular colour combinations to make the choice easier.



standard colour combinations



aurora borealis colour


automn night colour


automn sky colour


cherry blossom colour


spring flowers colour


summer breeze colour


summer heat colour


winter pines colour


winter sky colour




DSC5511 edited

This year’s Dubai Index was the 30th internationally hosted exhibition, welcoming more than 1,000 local and international companies. The Dubai Trade Show as an international exhibition is a platform where visitors get to meet and mingle with trendy start-ups, local businesses, and world-famous brands in the interior design world. The 2022 show was an amazing collection of furnishing trends, and a buyer’s paradise. MANOOI is proud to have presented its iconic chandeliers at the exhibition. Our all-time favorite ARTICA chandelier welcomed visitors at our stand who delighted at its timeless design. Next, they were greeted by the KOI, which shone with all the glory of an Autumn Sky, as part of Manooi’s “new standard colors” system.

Manooi stand at Index Dubai 2022

Artica crystal chandelier

Koi crystal chandelier

Fans of modern design trends could marvel at the Personal Universe collection, as our HALO and FINELINE models enchanted visitors with their glow.

We would like to thank everyone who visited our team at the stand at Index Dubai 2022, and we look forward to presenting next year as well to provide more exceptional solutions for extraordinary spaces.

Fineline crystal chandelier

Comprising a myriad of crystals in a circular work of art, TONDO boosts the Personal Universe Collection. Here, Manooi’s crystal chain expertise is combined with contemporary design.

DSC5624 edited













2022.04. Nemzeti szalon 82

Common Space | 2nd National Salon of Applied Arts and Design 2022


208 artists came together during the first Salon of Applied Arts and Design in 2017 in the Műcsarnok (the Budapest Hall of Art) in 2017, showcasing the latest developments in the Hungarian art scene. Now, at the second Salon exhibition, with more than 300 members in attendance, 10 branches of art will share a ‘common space’. Ranging from post-industrial design to the most recent works of autonomous studio art, from objects of everyday use to fine art experiments. Artists from four generations have contributed their works, from doyens to exciting up-and-coming designers. The exhibition is in the curator András B. Szilágyi’s theme, the “International Year of Glass 2022”.

Common space exhibition

MANOOI is proud to present a very special crystal light creation in the Műcsarnok at the 2nd National Salon of Applied Arts and Design 2022. The concept was to show the “Form of Time”. Seen from below, our INFINITY model forms the number eight, or a Lemniscate when viewed from its side. The infinity symbol signifies the concept of limitlessness or eternity, especially when used in mathematics and or when talking about the feelings of true love.

Common space exhibition 2022.04. Nemzeti szalon 29 edited 2022.04. Nemzeti szalon 87

This contemporary chandelier symbolizes empowerment and everlasting beauty, with its dynamic form and through the power of never-ending loops. Allow the shape of this exclusive lighting solution to bring an artistic touch to your interior design project and set its playful and spirited design to bring a lasting effect to any setting.

The exhibition invokes Aristotle’s 10 categories to invite guests on a contemplative tour through the different objects at the exhibition and invites them to freely take in their surroundings. It shows two diverging paths along which the displays, which were realized in the past five years, can be enjoyed:

Common Space exhibition

One leads guests from design-focused forms and materials to the realms of the shapeless and the abstract, while the other route  invites guests on a journey from strict functionalism to autonomous art. Along these paths, visitors can walk from ceramics, the most ancient art, reminiscent of the birth of human civilization, all the way to the realm of virtual reality to give visitors a glimpse of the future. Although the displayed areas of art are distinct, being spatially linked at the exhibition, they present a continuous process. The mixing of different branches of creativity coupled with the two conceptual journeys creates inspiring crossroads, with new qualities and connections emerging at the meeting points.