Villa in Swizerland

Light up your lounge!

In Switzerland in a beautiful villa – designed by Desark Contract SA team – Atoll and Iceberg crystal chandeliers cheer up the lounge area with their sparkles.

Their special color combination was chosen directly for this project. Our standard light creations can be personalized to complement your interior’s style and color schemes in which they are placed.

Each of our chandeliers is unique and individual creation, Atoll captivates with the simplicity of its elliptical form. It has been named after the ring-shaped coral reef, this chandelier evokes the temporary beauty and harmony of the world we live in.

Despite its classical design Iceberg crystal chandelier fits perfectly into a modern and contemporary environment like this lounge area. Iceberg versatility makes it adaptable to all kind of place. A popular hemispherical version and egg-shaped, the Iceberg Deep, claims more vertical space.