Beautiful results of a long-lasting partnership

Manooi Atoll 300

We at Manooi are always on the lookout for mutual success and long-term cooperation with our partners, with whom we seek to collaborate onnew and challenging projects. A perfect example of such a relationship is the collaboration between Manooi and Tawazen Speciality Consultancies Interior Design, led by Fouad Mirza, Tawazen’s Founder and Creative Director, along with Design Manager, Ritchie Nolasco.

Tawazen is specialized in creating exclusive solutions for residential and office interiors. The award-winning firm is also committed to cultivating strong personal relationships with their partners.  Tawazen’s passion for design grows as they travel the world, meeting people and gathering new ideas and inspiration. They offer a unique blend of history, culture, and the most up-to-date design solutions to each client and every project.

As a result of the two companies’ joint work, we have already completed several successful projects together in the past decade.


Extraordinary project in the United Arab Emirates

Although Tawazen has always maintained a high level of quality in their work, this specific project entailed an extra challenge due to the strict requirements of the project owner, as the building was built for VIP users and guests. It was designed with meticulous attention to detail in terms of finishes and quality. The design is a mixture of rich Arabic cultural heritage and 21st-century sensibilities. The elegant interior was enriched by unique chandeliers of the Manooi product range. Atoll, being named after the ring-shaped coral reef, captivates one with the simplicity of its elliptical form and looks brilliant when hung above a coffee table. Koi, possibly the most classical shape in the Manooi catalog, was also chosen to light up the meeting room. Koi’s versatility makes it adaptable to all kinds of environments, and it provides a well-defined geometrical light.


Bespoke size Atoll crystal chandelier

Atoll 300 in a living room