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Luxury Apartment facing the Queen’s Necklace

Among ZZ Architect’s vast and admirable portfolio there’s a project that stands out: a decadent seaside 3500 square feet apartment with marvellous views that features Maison Valentina as one has never seen it before.

Regarded as one of India’s leading architecture and interior design studios, ZZ Architects, founded by Architects Krupa Zubin and Zubin Zainuddin, have provided extremely high-end and bespoke architectural and interior design services to its clients, always personalizing their experience according to the client’s lifestyle requirements.

In this is a unique sea facing apartment with a spectacular view of the famed Mumbai ‘Queens Necklace’ coast, a bespoke Manooi chandelier, a VOILE D cluster got place in the master bedroom.

The VOILE D is a special version of our VOILE crystal chandelier, made of brass chain. Its harmonious shape  reminds us of the waves of the ocean or the sea. With its LED light source, it is the focal point of the interior.

double Voile ZZ architect

The Master Bedroom

The view has been strategically considered while creating the luxurious master bedroom. Notice the defragmentation of the typical bathroom layout by positioning the shower cubicle as a cast glass finished enclosure almost in the middle of the space. The main master bed from ‘Roberto Cavalli’ takes centre stage and is aligned perfectly to reveal a stunning view of the sea and the skyline across. Every individual piece of activity is planned in the master bedroom suite keeping in mind an experience and comfort oriented point of view.

double Voile ZZ architect 2

This typical four bedroom apartment has been totally redesigned to ensure that the space feels like a flowing volume. The elegant contrast of material finishes and their emotive response as one traverses through the space is what completes the home.

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Location of the project – Walkeshwar, Mumbai
Area – 3500 sq.ft.
Unique Features of the Project




Artikoi 1

A vivid colorfull interior design by Rakesh Ambasana & Associates, in Ajmer, India.

In the sitting-room area an ARTIKOI crystal chandelier got place next to Roberto Cavalli Home Interiors and Fendi furnitures, in matching colors with the inteiror.

Artikoi 1


Artikoi is the product of a playful encounter between architectural austerity and sparkling Manooi style, blending the timeless shape of Artica with the rectangle, the purest of architectural forms.

Artikoi 2

raeume Koi 3

The place for arrivals and departures, hallways and lobbys are one of the most high traffic areas in the home.

KOI, in a sense it’s a classic-but-still-contemporary shape in the Manooi range. KOI seduces with its elegant simplicity and is thus the preferred choice for representative spaces such as embassies or hotel lobbies. Its versatility makes it adaptable to all kinds of environments and it provides a well-defined geometrical light that is easier to plan for.

raeume Koi 2

In this stylish interior design, created by einrichten, a colorfull KOI crystal chandelier is placed at the Entrance of that mansion, as enter to this stylish Mansion, you already have that luxurious feeling.

Interior design: einrichten
Photo by: Christian Thomas

raeme Koi raeume Koi 3 raeume Koi 4 Raeume Koi 5


The headquarters of luxury light fixture manufacturer Manooi is a very special place on its own merits. If the unusual exterior of the Neuschlosz Villa continuously surprises visitors as they enter through its massive, heavy wooden door which opens up to reveal an archaic wooden staircase, they are stunned when they look up to see the opulent, custom-sized OZERO crystal chandelier showing off its dramatic size and appearance.

It’s a fixture with a reputable pedigree. The 180 cm-wide chandelier was specially designed and manufactured for the 2013 EUROLUCE exhibition in Milan. At the 52nd edition of the exhibition where it made its debut, more than 2,500 Italian and foreign exhibitors and thousands of visitors had the chance to see this magnificent sparkling giant for the first time.

Ozero is a stylish combination of classic and contemporary design, combining the popular Iceberg shape full of crystals with a contemporary, streamlined and curved upper hemisphere.



rio cluster shanghai jiashu

Embellish your interior with a mass of sparkling crystal


Manooi is inspired by the natural light all around us. Our aim in the design and manufacture of our custom-made crystal chandeliers is to re-create harmonious, natural light within individual homes and public buildings.

Great lighting creates depth and height, not to mention cosy spots, and draws attention to the most impressive areas of your space. It’s all about the balance of light and shade and bringing new energy to an interior.

An architect or interior designer may just draw a grid of downlights into their plans for your interior, which won’t do justice to the design. Calling in lighting experts to work in harmony with your interior designer or architect will maximise the impact of your space.

Decorative lighting does more than just adding attractive objects to a room. A crystal pendant lamp easily can stand out as the crown jewel of your interior with colours that match those of the interior, or with its shape and style.

Manooi crystal chandeliers can be suspended either as a single pendant lamps or may be organised in clusters for a totally unique crystal chandelier composition.

Our RIO crystal chandelier is a great example to be installed on its own or in different sized clusters. It combines asymmetry with the perfect regularity of a circle. It is the chandelier of choice for those wishing for a twist on the symmetrical simplicity of Manooi’s LOOOP model.

rio shanghai jiashu

When your space requires a custom lighting design, we tailor our fixtures to fulfil your needs and wishes. We also offer the possibility to re-customize our standard models to suit unique interiors.

Every one of our bespoke chandeliers is the fruit of a common planning process by our team of developers to provide illumination to your interior that is both exclusive and personal.

rio cluster shanghai jiashu

Small Restaurant Web

A castle perched high atop a hill in the middle of Salzburg, Austria, the Hotel Schloss Mönchstein is an opulent, classic hotel that delivers old-world elegance interwoven with outstanding, modern standards of design and comfort. Offering a wide range of elegantly furnished rooms that are intimate, inviting spaces offering breathtaking views of the city, the resort complex includes an exclusive lounge and restaurant housed in a glass dome, a spa area including a sauna and steam bath, and ample grounds which provide an impeccable setting for weddings or other special events.

In the context of such classic settings, it’s no coincidence that Manooi’s modern-yet-elegant LOOOP models were chosen to illuminate the castle hotel’s main dining area, Restaurant Schloss Mönchstein, where guests bask in classy, tasteful surroundings while enjoying the delights of the Michelin-star cuisine they are served. Interstellar in its appearance, the several LOOOP models suspended within the Restaurant providing a dazzling luminescence to the eatery’s atmosphere, foreshadowing what diners can expect there: an exquisite culinary experience.

Small Restaurant Web



Love That Design Rao Residence 21 1728x1152 1

We are proud to be present in the defined luxury project by Hiral Jobalia Studio.  In this project through the use of nsmart space lines, high grade materials, and artistic decoration. The client’s brief was to design a space that would be incredibly attractive and epitomise global luxury standards. HTS Interiors did the fit out using a smart blend of materials, colours and textures. The furniture in this villa shapes creates an endearing, snug charm. Lighting, too, plays an important role in terms of adding aesthetic value to the decor, along with technically sound, general lighting through automation.

The biggest challenge for this project was the MEP & HVAC, which was overcome by intense planning. The main highlight would have to be the Maze Light by Windfall from Germany that plays a dramatic role in the living / dining area. Cosmati Mosaic and Glass floor by Sicis in the entrance lobby area creates a dramatic mandala pattern leaving quite an impression.

In the bedroom a stunning OENO crystal chanderlier have been placed to enhance the athmospher . Designers found a perfect balance between the interior colors and our OENO crystal chandelier. Its light colours reflext to the interior while creating a relaxing atmosphere.

Love That Design Rao Residence 21 1728x1152 1

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Manooi looks for mutual success and long-term cooperation with its partners.

As a result of the joint work of Manooi and Tawazun Speciality Consultancies Interior Design, led by Fouad Mirza, Tawazun’s Founder and Creative Director, with the Design Manager, Ritchie Nolasco, we have already completed several successful projects together in the past decade.


Check out our photo series of the extraordinary projects 

Elegant VIP launch and guest room were enriched by gorgeous chandeliers of the Manooi product range.


Sparkling waterfall of crystals

The installation of a beautiful Fjord composition was part of the renovation of a residential villa project. The stylishly arranged cluster was hung to fill the spacious and large hall with life and sparkle. Fjord lamps are vibrating waterfalls of crystal that surely dazzle the eye of the beholder.






Deep Sky 80x80 Ritz Carlton Bahrein Manama

Our DEEP SKY  crystal chandelier enhances the unpretentious atmosphere designed by Ammar Basheir  in the “Plums” steakhouse at The Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Bahrain.

Plums combines fine dining with innovative cuisine. Serving some of the finest steaks and seafood in Bahrain, the restaurant’s style is both sleek and inviting, a harmony of modern design, original art, and great cuisine merging in a world-class dining experience.


Deep Sky 80x80 Ritz Carlton Bahrein Manama

Deep Sky Ritz Carlton Bahrein Manama 2

RCBAHRA 00166 conversion 1



One of the founders of Manooi Light Creations, János Héder, recalls that his fascination with light goes all the way back to an anecdote from his childhood.

Decades ago, János Héder and his sisters were on a roadtrip with their father in the Hungarian countryside. To make the time pass (and to keep them from fighting in the car), his dad suggested a game of “20 Questions”.

The clue their father gave them was “matter”. The kids began asking yes or no questions to deduce what kind of material he had in mind, but the final answer was elusive: Stone? No. Wood? No. Glass…? No.

And the game went on and on.

Finally, after travelling about 30 kilometres on their journey, 8-year-old János came up with a novel idea.

“Could it be light?” – he asked. 

“Yes,” answered his father, who began to explain to his kids the properties of light – and maybe, just maybe, that’s when he planted a seed in his son János’s head for things that were to come in his life: a deep fascination with light and lighting.


The essence of creation

“As I see it, light is magic,” explains János. “If we consider from where we acquire our understanding of the universe, it emanates predominantly from light and this is somehow an ancestral mystery. Light appears at the very beginning, according to the Bible – i.e. ‘let there be light!’ So this is the foremost act – the first creation: LIGHT.”

He observes that if a film wants to portray anything to do with the spirit, creativity or the creation – any kind of wonder – it is shown as light, so in practice these are all the same. “It’s the essence of creation.”


Lightening up everyone’s mood

Decades after the 20 Questions riddle, János, who had studied interior design, and his wife, Judit, who studied ceramics, would start their unique enterprise, Manooi Light Creations, which designs spectacular chandeliers that bring indoor spaces to life, enlivening those who witness them – their objectives as part of their creative process.

“Light, in and of itself, beyond the fact that it’s total magic, completely determines our mood,” he explains. “People are mainly influenced by the quality and conditions of light. Good lighting, which is carefully chosen and comfortable in practice, is a guarantee that a person will feel good.”

Why does good lighting matter? János recalls a recent visit that he and Judit made to a fine dining establishment, where the lighting had a less-than-desirable effect.

He explains, “We sat there and it was apparent that every aspect of the restaurant had been carefully chosen, but the lighting was a bust – it was in the wrong place and it was too bright, even the colour temperature was off – and it cut our enjoyment of the dining experience by half.”

Proper lighting, he says, can exponentially change such experiences. “It contributes positively,” he adds, “that’s obvious.”


Aiming for the stars

As for what it feels like to manipulate this powerful force called light as an interior designer, János thinks back to his hobby of stargazing. He says that he has built several telescopes and wanted to be an astronomer at one time.

“Everyone’s heard about it before, that that light that you see through your telescope has been travelling for billions of years at a certain speed and it arrives exactly where you’re standing. That spectacle gives a person the feeling that he/she is really alive in an enormous universe in which we are all trying to find our place.”

But looking up into the starry night did not make János feel insignificant at all.

He recalls, “No one ever told me that ‘I’m a tiny speck of dust in a cold-hearted universe’; exactly the opposite, that to the extent that I am a part of the universal game and I can possess the universe – it’s as much mine as it is yours and belongs to everyone.”


Light manipulation as a higher art

Properly arranging and treating light, both natural and artificial, in any interior design project is one of the primary building blocks of any project, he says.

“In the beginning there’s just a virtual space in which we arrange the sources of light and then the solid elements come into the picture. The space offers the possibilities, the light gives it life and all of the material things that come in later just serve those initial elements of the project,” explains János.

According to him, and in line with his ambitions, arranging light in the proper way – which he believes is poetic – is one of the greatest impacts one can make. 

“It’s a bit of a higher art than let’s say crafting a material; light is also a material but it’s the least matter-like material, and crystal, in and of itself, is similar because we don’t see it as material but as something that refracts light.”

Yes, decades later, János Héder is still thinking, and knows all of the answers, about light.


Stay tuned for more stories and insights from the team at Manooi!