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manooi artica color

It’s like a star up in the sky that hypnotizes you with its radiant beauty. The centrepiece of any space, our elliptical ARTICA model chandelier looks best above dining room tables, in living rooms, or in just about any place where it is allowed to define a space. As an element of exquisite interior design composition, it boldly shows off its strong character and can really animate a room – completely changing it by adding a classic elegance. 

Inspired by classic chandeliers in an archaic, old-world shop, MANOOI’s ARTICA reinvents the genre by having no identical cross sections. In fact, the lamp has a dynamic fluctuation to it, which our designers intended. This means that from every angle you look at it, it’s like a statue – exhibiting harmony, but also giving off a welcoming warmth.

ARTICA is so emblematic that MANOOI approached Swarovski to come up with a crystal stone specifically mimicking its shape; today, it’s a company trademark of sorts, as one of these custom-designed crystal pieces is featured on every MANOOI chandelier.


manooi artica chandeliers

A star is born

ARTICA not only looks stunning, we also have great affection for us as it was MANOOI’s first lighting creation. Its designer, János Héder, says his objective was a lamp that had some sort of directional dynamic within the space – a front and a back. He also sought out a form that had a deep harmony, where the inner and outer contours shared the same line. With a strong belief that people love pebble-like forms, he was convinced they were onto something.

After coming up with numerous drafts, he showed it to his wife and MANOOI co founder, Judit Zoltai, and she told him which version was best. He says she “nailed it”, and they assembled their first mock-up of ARTICA in the cellar of their home.

Grand introduction

ARTICA made its fabulous debut at a Milan design show in an exhibition booth, which was a partially open space. János Héder recalls the objective was to come up with lighting that would really catch people’s attention and lure them into the booth. He says he didn’t want to install something totally classical, because that’s not what the show was about – but he also didn’t want it to be too modern. Visitors swarmed the booth in Milan – ARTICA proved a smashing success!

With a very serious aura and staying power, ARTICA has been MANOOI’s bestseller ever since. What’s more, the company’s co founders, Judit and János, are still so fond of their luxury chandelier, they even have one hanging in their home.



The luxurious weekend house in Russia, implemented with our partners Severlight, is a fine example of design in classical style. The marbles, woodworks, and furniture are brought to life with the flickering shining of crystal chandeliers from Manooi. Tons of sparkles makes this luxury villa absolutely unique.

As you enter to the classical style villa building a bespoke size Rio crystal chandelier welcomes the guests. RIO crystal chandelier demonstrates the effect of gravity in space. Rio is asymmetry combined with the perfect regularity of the circle. It is the chandelier of choice for those desiring a twist on the everyday symmetrical forms.

Rio in a living room in Russia

In the bathroom, the Atoll is reflecting the curve of the bathtub. It is the perfect choice for airy spaces, Atoll captivates with the simplicity of its elliptical form. Being named after a ring-shaped coral reef, this crystal chandelier evokes the ephemeral beauty of the world we live in.

Atoll in a bathroom

For the bedroom, we designed a special Koi chandelier, which fills the room with light and joy. Koi seduces with its elegant simplicity and is thus the preferred choice for representative spaces. Its versatility makes it adaptable to all kinds of environments and it provides a well-defined geometrical light.

Koi in a bedroom



Beautiful results of a long-lasting partnership

We at Manooi are always on the lookout for mutual success and long-term cooperation with our partners, with whom we seek to collaborate onnew and challenging projects. A perfect example of such a relationship is the collaboration between Manooi and Tawazen Speciality Consultancies Interior Design, led by Fouad Mirza, Tawazen’s Founder and Creative Director, along with Design Manager, Ritchie Nolasco.

Tawazen is specialized in creating exclusive solutions for residential and office interiors. The award-winning firm is also committed to cultivating strong personal relationships with their partners.  Tawazen’s passion for design grows as they travel the world, meeting people and gathering new ideas and inspiration. They offer a unique blend of history, culture, and the most up-to-date design solutions to each client and every project.

As a result of the two companies’ joint work, we have already completed several successful projects together in the past decade.


Extraordinary project in the United Arab Emirates

Although Tawazen has always maintained a high level of quality in their work, this specific project entailed an extra challenge due to the strict requirements of the project owner, as the building was built for VIP users and guests. It was designed with meticulous attention to detail in terms of finishes and quality. The design is a mixture of rich Arabic cultural heritage and 21st-century sensibilities. The elegant interior was enriched by unique chandeliers of the Manooi product range. Atoll, being named after the ring-shaped coral reef, captivates one with the simplicity of its elliptical form and looks brilliant when hung above a coffee table. Koi, possibly the most classical shape in the Manooi catalog, was also chosen to light up the meeting room. Koi’s versatility makes it adaptable to all kinds of environments, and it provides a well-defined geometrical light.


Bespoke size Atoll crystal chandelier

Atoll 300 in a living room

ozero ZZ Architects

High on style and comfort

This 7.500 square feet, Mumbai family home is the perfect example of finding the balance between nature and design. ZZ Architects created a comfortable, effective and luxurious athomospher.

“The primary concern of the family was not to get scattered or isolated in the apartment. They choose it for its fantastic views.” – says Krupa Zubin of ZZ Architects.

Mumbai Duplex: Curated collections 

A small vestibule hides the door leading to the powder room, where our luxurious OZERO crystal chandelier is being encapsulated in its ceiling. The refined shades of this contemporary pendant lamp are available in various colour solutions, while the crystal adornments can be customised in multiple colour variations. Tilt—a lounge chair by Giorgetti is set against an abstract by Nanda Kiara, accompanied by the Oasis table by Moroso.

Ozero in a luxurious villa



vague crystal chandelier

Benyei Architectural Studio has designed a modern luxury home whose design tips its hat to the past, but whose accessories and special attention to detail offer a warm welcome into the 21st century. Closely cooperating with their client, the design team managed to locate and take advantage of the special intersection, where modern and elegant coexist along with breathtaking comfort. It’s also a home that is dressed to impress.

However, the designers and their client clearly resisted the temptation to overindulge and make what is a home overly opulent, instead maintaining space and concentrating on clean shapes and premium materials that are allowed to breath rather than take away from each other. Thought has been put into every element; anything deemed superfluous has been left aside.

Image © Zsolt Batár

Not only is this contemporary luxury residence sleek, modern and elegant, but it also embraces sustainability: this Benyei Studios creation is a “passive” house that is heated by geothermal energy.

Among the bespoke, premium materials that are allowed some breathing room in this luxury residence is a MANOOI crystal chandelier, our VAGUE model, which is a reminiscent of waves on a transcendentally calm ocean, VAGUE represents the next generation of Manooi crystal chandeliers and is a precursor to the Crystalight Collection.

As the centerpiece of the room it illuminates a volcanic stone table from Italy below. It’s well-paced, especially given the lamp’s design being all about expressing the perfect imperfection of the universe. Clearly, within this clean dining space, our VAGUE model is allowed to do its thing: illuminate and (like a priceless jewel) snatch the attention of those who enter the dining space, presumably for an outstanding dining experience. Half the battle is done, after having hypnotized the dining guests into the belief that they’re about to take part in something special.


linea 02


Working on decorative and functional lighting in the bathroom could be a challenging project. We have selected a few of our projects to give an inspiration on the perfect crystal chandeliers  to create an ambiance with function and style.



Golden look and crystals to the bathroom? YES!

The luxurious weekend house in Russia, implemented with our partners Severlight, is a fine example of design in classical style. In the bathroom, the ATOLL is reflecting the curve of the bathtub. Our chandeliers are created with special technology, allowing to be placed in highly humid environments.


Atoll in a bathroom


Looking for the nature, to recall its freshness? Go for the open spaces, windows and complement it with some decorative lighting fixtures, remember that you need to bring all that sunlight into your interior. LINEA is the rainfall of light with the sparkling drops of crystals. Unlike the other products of the Manooi range, Linea is striking in its length. While the ceiling application of the LINEA model resembles numerous, sparkling icicles suspended from a roof, the range also includes a LINEA WALL model, comprising a complete and versatile product range.


Linea in a bathroom


















We gathered you some inspiring ideas specially for BEDROOMS!


Creating an ambiance for relaxation and rejuvenation, this is what bedroom designs are about. However, here lies a challenge as well. The question is which mood, style, feeling are you about to create.


You don’t have to choose between more modern still crystal chandeliers or classic forms. In the PERSONAL UNIVERSE collection we created modern style chandeliers and in Manooi’s CRYSTALGHT COLLECTION includes our classic elegant crystal chandeliers to fit any kind of interior.

While KOI is probably the most classic shape in the Manooi catalogue, it captivates with its elegant simplicity. This model embodies harmony, emanating beautiful and balanced light. With the play of symmetry and harmony, we created ORIGO STAR – a more modern design crystal chandelier. It is a majestic lighting creation that completes the space with its elegant and refined design.






“Colores are the smile of nature!”- Leight Hunt

Don’t be avare of playing with colours when it comes to crystal chandelier desing. Countless colour combinations are available in our collection. Colour combinations of OZERO fits perfect the colours of LINEA Wall while creating a realxing atmospher in the room.


100619487 3815091105231727 6197435940370120704 n


100688660 360118408301535 3789988749555793920 n



Classic forms never go out of fashion. If you looking for an elegant cinematic look for a bedroom, classic crystal chandelier forms are here to go for. Get inspiration from our projects with chandeliers from the CRYSTALIGHT COLLECTION.

The luxurious weekend house in Russia, implemented with our partners Severlight, is a fine example of design in classical style. We designed a special KOI crystal chandelier, which fills the room with light and joy.


101547915 672064130299884 2568841075271663616 n


As a result of an inspiring collaboration, this luxury building located in the beautiful city of Panama features 9 Manooi chandeliers, including a DEEP SKY crystal chandelier in the bedroom. The project called ‘A dream come true’ which is really true with its stunning design and an amazing view of the city. The interior design was created by the talented Mary Calvo. In our DEEP SKY crytals are only visible from below, giving the sensation of a stary sky.


Deep Sky montazs panama
















artica designworx

ARTICA enlightens in Singapore, in the quiet Leedon Park neighbourhood. This spacious abode with a luxurious interior design, created by Designworx Interior Consultant. Design director Terri Tan worked closely with architect Betsy Lau of East 9 Architects. 

Set in a recessed ceiling, a 4-metre-wide elliptical ARTICA chandelier by Manooi delivers a chic radiance to this custom living area in this luxury home, making it a perfect atmosphere for entertaining or relaxing with family. This award-winning interior design project by GCB is truly a space where class meets comfort, wonderful aspects of life which Manooi’s creations are happy to shine a light upon.

artica designworx retus

The luxury living room, where our flagship ARTICA model is centred, is located beyond the feature wall. The dialogue between the room’s Marine Sky marble flooring and the grandiose elliptical ARTICA chandelier sets the tone for the space in-between. Two off-white sofas and a series of armchairs from Fashion Interiors by Paul Cornelissen, together with a pair of bespoke square coffee tables with seashells set within the table tops, balance the formality of the floor and ceiling with a more relaxed ambience. 

As our flagship and one of the most successful Manooi models, Artica embodies the spirit of the brand; over time it has become the recognised shape and logo of Manooi around the world. Although it entails unique architectural forms, it is ideal for placement in a wide range of spaces due to its smooth and curved shapes.

artica designworx 2

Looop composition Paris Gallery Baku Ageno LTD

Paris Gallery, the Middle East’s leading luxury retailer opened its first majestic store in Azerbaijan. Situated in the heart of Baku at Fountain Square, the three-level opulent store covers an area of 1000 square metres and is complete with a VIP lounge, beauty rooms and a floor dedicated to high-end exclusive luxury products.

In this stunning luxury interior our LOOOP crystal chandelier cluster highlights the entryway.  The store offers a premium collection of international luxury brands across various product lines including fragrances, cosmetics, watches, jewelry, accessories, eyewear and leather goods. The group has a network of more than 85 retail stores across the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, and Iraq, with a portfolio of over 650 international brands.

As a modern version of one of the most ancient forms, the omnipresent circle, LOOOP is a majestic Manooi chandelier. Its application is generally recommended for interiors where it has the space to create unparalleled harmony between light and space. LOOOP is easy to play with since it comes in eight standard sizes—perfect on its own or in cluster, in a transparent or coloured crystal combination. The Looop model can be installed on its own or in different sized clusters too.


Looop composition Paris Gallery Baku Ageno LTD



moha composition interior hunor 52

Each of our models has a story to tell. We created MOHA as a bespoke project, but its intricate shape kept raising interest among our partners too. So we brought this interesting chandelier to the Euroluce in 2019, and it became a real hit of the Manooi stand. Since than MOHA shines in luxury interiors as a bespoke light creation of MANOOI upon request and often be seen in luxury aparments like the stunning Saari Mois penthouse in St. Petersburg.

The Saari Mois rooftop villa project came about as a result of a simple request from a client to renovate two separate apartments on the top floor of a residential building. The architect behind the project, Svetozar Andreev, proposed a left-field solution – to knock through part of the dividing walls and ceilings, thereby combining the two apartments into a single space, and to add a second floor featuring living areas and terraces on the roof of the building. As a result, a non-standard architectural solution made it possible to unlock additional space, converting two small separate apartments into a luxurious two-storey Mediterranean-style villa, with spacious terraces and panoramic windows.

A perfectly square geometrical shape set into crystals, the parallel edges of MOHA blend completely into the surroundings. Its harmonious shape, symbolising happiness and positivity, accounts for its popularity. It is suitable for installation on its own or in clusters.

moha composition Bespoke MOHA chandeliers looks stuning in the modern interior of a penthouse in St. Petersburg. The modern style interior was designed by THE SVETOZAR ANDREEV STUDIOan international architectural group founded by architect and interior designer Svetozar Andreev.