Sparkling inspirations by CLÉ DE MASION


We are proud to be present in these stunning visialization ideas created by Clé De Maison, which was founded by Vaida Žemaitytė, produces settings where a variety of situations, ways of life, and emotions can develop and bloom. Oeno crystal chandelier is named after the coral atoll in the South Pacific Ocean that forms part of the Pitcairn Islands’ overseas territory. Oeno represents this peaceful island embodying a tranquil haven. The Oeno model’s gentle curves create this specially shaped ensemble, exquisitely ornamenting the premises in which it is installed.


As a modern version of one of the most ancient forms, the omnipresent circle, Looop is a majestic chandelier. Its application is generally recommended for interiors where it has the space to create unparalleled harmony between light and space. The Looop crystal chandelier can be installed on its own or in different sized clusters.


A perfectly square geometrical shape set into crystals, the parallel edges of Moha crystal chandelier blend completely into the surroundings. Its harmonious shape, symbolising happiness and positivity, accounts for its popularity. It is suitable for installation on its own or in clusters.


The flagship and one of the most successful Manooi models, Artica crystal chandelier embodies the spirit of the brand; over time it has become the recognised shape and logo of Manooi around the world. Although it entails unique architectural forms, it is ideal for placement in a wide range of spaces due to its smooth and curved shapes.

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