crystal pendant lamp

Exquisite FINELINE is a curved beam of pure light, frozen in the flash of a second. The combination of fine geometry and its luxurious crystals makes FINELINE a great choice for a wide range of interiors. This chandelier looks especially striking in compositions, with the possibility to create truly peerless and playful lighting solutions.


Technical details
COLLECTION:Personal Universe
Type:Crystal pendant lamp
Structure:A polished or painted metal structure
Trimmings:Full-cut crystals
CableBlack FEP+PVC – 250 cm
Suspension:Suspended on the electric cables
Light source3000K, 22-13W LED incl.

FINELINE sizes in cm

  • L 140 x W 2 x H 14
  • L 120 x W 2 x H 12
  • L 100 x W 2 x H 11
  • L 80 x W 2 x H 9