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crystal chandelier

Manooi’s BURJ chandelier is the crown jewel of a space, playing with light and shadow to create a majestic atmosphere.

The crystals on our BURJ model were designed to create an extraordinary ornamentation with their pattern and a magical oriental world from below. The play of light in this pattern is also reflected in its surroundings.


Technical details
Type:Crystal chandelier
Structure:Polished stainless steel
Trimmings:Full-cut crystal octagons
Pinnings:Nickel plated rings
Suspension: Galvanized bowden cable – 2,5 mm
Light source:Max. 60W – G9 & GU10 LED
Cable: Transparent PVC+PVC – 250 cm
Ceiling Rose: Polished chrome-plated steel

BURJ size in cm

  • L 100 x W 100 x H 50
  • L 100 x W 100 x H 100
  • L 150 x W 150 x H 250


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