ARTIKOI is the product of a playful encounter between architectural simplicity and sparkling Manooi style; it blends the timeless shape of Artica with the rectangle, the purest of architectural forms. You can choose a transparent or colored crystal combination. Available in different sizes and shapes. The + sign refers to chandeliers which are dressed with crystal trimmings all around.


Technical details
Type:Crystal chandelier
Structure:Polished stainless steel
Trimmings:Full-cut crystal octagons and
pendants in various sizes and forms
Pinnings:Nickel plated rings
Suspension: Galvanized bowden cable – 1,5 mm
Light source:Max 60 W – G9 halogen
Cable: Transparent PVC+PVC – 250 cm
Ceiling Rose: Polished chrome-plated steel

ARTIKOI sizes in cm

  • L 120 x W 75 x H 13
  • L 140 x W 88 x H 13
  • L 160 x W 100 x H 15
  • L 180 x W 113 x H 15
  • L 200 x W 125 x H 17
  • L 220 x W 138 x H 17



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