Ozero in a stylish family home


MANOOI crystal chandeliers are the best choice for interiors decorated in a classic style but due to their elegance and versatility, crystal chandeliers will also decorate any interior in a modern style. Our OZERO crystal chandelier has been chosen as the centerpiece of the dining area of this elegant-yet-modern style interior in Buda.

The dining area has an elegant atmosphere due to the light and dark contrast of the interior. The black shade of the OZERO crystal chandelier reflects the dark colors of the interior while the lighter colors are in perfect harmony with the crystal sparkle.

The black shade and the yellowish brown color combination of the OZERO makes the atmosphere complete. All Manooi  chandeliers are only assembled with premium-quality crystals. These crystals are coloured within their own material to stand the test of time, and ensure the durability of the colours for eternity.


Since debuting in the main hall of the Hungarian Art Gallery in Budapest, OZERO remains the symbol of luxurious design and outstanding craftsmanship.

The refined shades of this contemporary pendant lamp are available in various color solutions, while the crystal adornments can be customized in multiple color variations.

OZERO is one of the most versatile crystal chandeliers of MANOOI. It comes in many different color combinations, the sparkling hemisphere of ICEBERG crystal chandelier is combined with matching shades to fit any interior.

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