Ozero cluster at the HALE Country Club

In collaboration with Lighting Sensation, the Hale Country Club project in Manchester  features a custom MANOOI crystal chandelier cluster.

The spheres of Ozero, pouring soft golden light over the Club’s entrance hall, create an inimitable and mesmerizing effect. We created a bespoke modern crystal chandelier adorned with light topaz coloured crystals. Our work always entails an inspiring and exciting dialogue between the creators and clients in order to achieve perfection, i.e. the ideal object for each particular space. Ozero remains the symbol of luxurious design and outstanding craftsmanship. 

The black shade and the yellowish brown colour combination of Ozero crystal chandelier cluster makes the atmospher complete. All Manooi  chandeliers are only assembled with premium-quality crystals. These crystals are coloured within their own material to stand the test of time, and ensure the durability of the colours for eternity.

Ozero cluster in the Hale country club