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Comet oval

While designing our NOVELTIES for MANOOI’s Crystalight Collection, we wanted to create a family of crystal chandeliers where the most ancestral shapes are combined with the latest technologies. This is how COMET was born.

Shapes like lines, circles, and ovals have been used in various art forms, design principles, and architectural styles throughout history. They can be visually pleasing and harmonious, but beauty is a complex and multifaceted concept that extends beyond specific shapes.

Beauty is a subjective but the sparkles of crystals are forever

Oval shape is commonly used in design, art, and architecture to create visually interesting and aesthetically pleasing compositions. COMET Oval shines as a reference point in any room due to its majestic design and captivating effects.

COMET Line is meant to represent modernity in the line. Due to the latest LED technology, clean lean lines it could be the perfect choice for smart homes.

Comet line

Comet line

COMET Circle with its elegant and detailed design represents timeless value. Looks perfect in clusters while fulfilling the space it is placed in.