Mirage crystal chandelier

For glamour lovers, MANOOI debuted a new crystal chandelier called Mirage at EUROLUCE 2023. A true jewel of the space, it is a reinterpretation of the classic MANOOI style, using contrasting colors and lines, enhanced by the creative use of materials.


Fusion of colors and generations 

Mirage brings a new wave into the MANOOI Universe not just because of its modern, contrasting style but this is the first fruit of the common work of father and son. The designers behind Mirage crystal chandelier are János Héder and his son Máté Héder, a young and talented jewellery designer. 

Máté Héder jewellery designer

(Máté Héder – jewellery designer)

Máté grew up in the world of design, so his whole life has been permeated by a love of beauty, harmony and style. Seeing his parents’ work, it soon became clear to him that this was his path too. He was attracted to design and interior design since he was a small child and during the years his father became his inspiration. With the birth of Mirage crystal chandelier, the time has come for the first collaboration. The result speaks for itself, with its distinctive style, Mirage became a defining element of MANOOI’s new style trend. 

The speciality of crystal use is the play of light and shadow and the bold use of color, showing a different face from every angle. An important design element of the chandelier is its lacing technique, which uses the interplay of colorful crystal chains as shining necklaces to create a real luxury piece of space jewellery.

The latest MANOOI crystal chandelier is a true statement item that attracts attention and admiration with its challenging style.  Made exclusively from the finest materials to ensure a long-lasting and luxurious lighting experience. Its crystal structure is designed and crafted by professional experts, resulting in a work of art that is both timeless and captivating.


Comet crystal chandelier

This versatile crystal chandelier were designed in different shapes to fit any interior and style. Starting from the modern Line version to the elegant Circle and Oval versions. Perfect on its own or also in clusters. 

(Comet Circle chandelier)

(Comet Oval chandelier)



Hundreds of crystal beads hiding under the metal surface. This is the special sparkling effect of GÉODE. These new wave chandeliers were designed with a lightweight, durable shade and with using the latest LED technologies. 


(Géode chandelier)