Modern-yet-elegant ORIGO

Manooi’s ORIGO lamp is truly an original – a modern lighting fixture that gives the impression of a precious jewel. 

Designed to add light for a wide variety of functions through a fine combination of crystal and LED-sourced light, ORIGO is a completely novel, streamlined, compact design composed of classic materials, like red copper, crystal and stainless steel.

Origo pulsar chandelier

ORIGO units, which are housed in tubular and conical forms, or affixed to a plate-like base, can be installed as a single light source, or they can be arranged in clusters that make up a lamp of any size as part of a group of components – one can assemble as many of the pendant light fixture elements as they like.

A prime example of ORIGO’s flexibility is the intricate, 3-tiered ORIGO Star Set, a modern take on the classic arm chandelier, which comes in many different sizes, can be assembled in a wide variety of arrangements and attached in numerous ways. The asymmetric array of ORIGO Pulsar takes those sentiments on a more futuristic journey.

Origo chandelier family

ORIGO is revolutionary, requiring a completely unique way of stringing together crystals that requires extreme care. For Manooi, the compact nature and adaptability of ORIGO units are also an achievement, because this fine combination of LED and Swarovski crystal gives off a glowing luminescence that adds warmth to any space.

Manooi’s ORIGO line came to life in 2017, making its debut in Milan, where it welcomed entrants in a “star gate” formation comprised of black mirrored glass and 60 ORIGO fixtures.