Modern elegance: Beige & Light luxury house near to Budapest

Klára Szűcs, interior designer of the Abacus Art De-Ko chose the Manooi crystal chandeliers for her project.

Together, we transform the apartment into the heaven of luxury living, where every moment is suffused with beauty and comfort. This beautiful house will be ready in the Spring of 2024.

The Origo a modern crystal chandelier for the kitchen was chosen for this cluster. The composition is positioned with precision and artistry above the counter and becomes a captivating art of the room. In the hands of Klára Szűcs, luxury becomes more than a mere concept—it becomes a way of life.

As daylight filters through the windows, the crystals of Halo refract and scatter light, creating an interplay of shadows and illumination that enhances the room’s luxurious atmosphere.

Each facet of crystal, meticulously crafted by skilled artisans, speaks of a legacy of excellence and dedication to perfection.