The goal of project protection is to give priority to those partners who first bring a particular project opportunity to our company.


A Manooi sales representative will assist you to their best ability over the course of the project.




  1. Project protection can be granted to those resellers who notify their project protection claim in advance, in writing and complete the Project Protection Form. 
  2. Project protection is only valid if it has been formally confirmed in writing by a Manooi representative.  
  3. The exact start date of project protection that has been confirmed will be the date upon which the form was received by Manooi from the reseller. 
  4. By default, project protection is valid for 90 days. However, if the applicant indicates a different date (exceeding the 90 day period), the Manooi representative may consider this date as well. In case of   re-confirmed project protection, all other interested parties will be referred back to the partner holding the valid project protection.
  5. Project protection is not possible in the case of open tenders. In such a case a previously-issued project protection will be considered null and void.
  6. Following the confirmed deadline the project protection will terminate automatically. If the applicant wishes to extend it, he must notify a sales representative in writing.  Any change is only valid if submitted in writing, as well as after its confirmation. 
  7. We specifically request that all necessary data available for project protection be provided, allowing us to minimize the potential for error and the re-issuance of the same project based on incomplete, unidentifiable data. Should such a situation arise, i.e. protection of the same project for two different partners, in all cases the first confirmed project protection applies. If it comes to light that a partner who has received project protection for any reason drops out of sales, we will terminate their project protection. In all cases, this is done in consultation with the partner holding the project protection.


Our goal: Manooi and its partners helping each other to acquire projects and to collaborate. 


We wish you a successful and brilliant project collaboration. 


The above rules are applicable and do not constitute contractual terms with legal consequences.