Manooi in the Bulthaup Showroom, Cologne

Manooi collecion in the Bulthaub Showroom

Our Manooi collection is featured in Bulthaup’s showroom in Cologne, Germany. It’s a fine example of how crystal custom lighting design is able to transform a kitchen from a merely functional space into a visual spectacle. A stylish crystal chandelier in the kitchen or in the dining are of the house could provide a very unique style to your interior.

Manooi chandeliers only are made with premium-quality crystals: full-cut octagon pieces specially carved to recall the look of diamonds. This special cut helps to absorb natural light and to create the incomparable sparkling effect that only a crystal can provide. Its optical traits can break down visible light into spectra, resulting in colour combinations like those of a rainbow. We use various sized crystals to give a streamlined and an airy effect to our lighting creations. As a final touch, we decorate the chandeliers with various shapes and styles of crystal pendants.

The gentle rain of crystal chains floating over the isle adds a warm hue to an otherwise monochrome surface. The LINEA model contributes delicacy and grace to the space, changing the way the kitchen is perceived and bringing joy to each moment of the day. 

Linea is a rainfall of light with shimmering drops of crystal. Like an endless translucent curtain, Linea is striking in its length. Various lengths of crystal rows give off the effect of a continuous flow to the chandelier.