Manooi headquarter

MANOOI’s showroom hosted a gathering of industry partners whose aim was to introduce the company’s profile and chandeliers to the design profession in Hungary. MANOOI’s long-term partner Ambi Light invited leading designers and interior architects from Hungary to embark on an exciting design journey. Guests gained insight into the company’s history, from its inception to the present day. They got the chance to meet one of the founders of MANOOI, designer Judit Zoltai, who provided an abundance of inspiration. They were also introduced to the birth of MANOOI’s luxury crystal chandeliers and got acquainted with the various components, technical details and characteristics of the crystals it employs in its creations. The designers in attendance had their eyes opened to the versatile use of crystal chandeliers through inspiring and prestigious design projects, a true introduction to the MANOOI universe.

Manooi Ambilight partner meeting

Manooi Ambilight partner meeting

MANOOI chandeliers only are made with premium-quality crystals, due to the complexity of their manufacture. The chandeliers are made with full-cut octagon crystals with special grindings to recall the cut of diamonds. This special cut helps to absorb the natural light and to create the unique sparkling effect that only crystal can provide. We use different sizes of crystals to give a streamlined shape and an airy effect to our chandeliers. As a final touch, we decorate the chandeliers with various shape and style of crystal pendants.

Alongside transparent versions, and our nine standard colour combinations, we are ready and able to create custom colour combinations as an element of your bespoke chandelier.

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