Luxury apartment in Jade Beach, Sunny Isles, FL

Jade Beach condos Sunny Isles is the ultimate luxury beachfront oasis which is designed for those enjoying their lifetime successes and while there are other premier towers along the Sunny Isles Beach coastline, there is nothing like Jade Beach condos when location, views, and value is of importance.

K-2 Design has designed and built nearly 450 residential and commercial properties spanning over 3.8 million square feet (over 350,000 sq.m.). This time, they imagined and created a luxurious inteiror design with luxurious finishing materials, furniture and lamps are widely used in the decoration of the apartment. The walls of the bathrooms are finished with onyx slabs, gold and wooden mosaics, the floors are covered with marble and deck parquet. The walls of the rooms are finished with granite, silk wallpaper, mosaics and wood paneling. Lamps – Manooi and Baccarat., Furniture – Fendi, Kitchen – Eggersmann.

Interior Design – Sergey Kuzmin and Tatiana Gogina.


ARTICA is the flagship and one of the most successful Manooi models. This perfectly planned crystal chandelier, embodies the spirit of the brand; over time it has become the recognised shape and logo of Manooi around the world.

LINEA is a rainfall of light with shimmering drops of crystal. Like an endless translucent curtain, LINEA is striking in its length. Various lengths of crystal rows give off the effect of a continuous flow to the chandelier.

linea artica k2 design