Lighting solutions for living rooms

Decorative lightings always play a fundamental role in defining each room. A living room needs a complex lighting solution in order to have a direct and strong light for discerning tasks and a more intimate and romantic light for the evenings.

(Artica crystal chandelier)

Manooi’s secret hides both in our exquisite chandeliers and the dedication toward bringing a complete service to the table. This project has received a high level of care and attention to detail – the result: this handcrafted, burgundy and pink colored Artica model in an absolutely beautiful space. Although it is an item with architectural forms, it is ideal for being used in a wide range of spaces due to its smooth and curved shapes.

(Artikoi crystal chandelier)

Artikoi crystal chandelier makes this delightful living room even more pleasing with its natural light and sparkles. It creates a delicate balance of classical and modern due to its contemporary shape and timeless elegance.

Deep Sky crystal chandelier, one of the most popular chandeliers from our collection, is lighting up this elegant and luxurious living room. Deep Sky crystal chandelier is an internally illuminated lighting creation which has mirrors inside in order to ensure that the light and the crystals refract and provide sparkles.

Despite its geometrical form, Koi becomes alive in space and it seduces with its elegant simplicity. Due to these features, it can be the ornamental piece of any space. It emphasizes the size and the luxurious style of this living room while it spreads its sparkles around the area.

A well-chosen wall sconce can light up your interior. Linea Wall sconces by Manooi catch the eyes on this natural colored background with its sparkles and make the environment unique and welcoming.

Looop crystal chandelier provides a sophisticated and complex lighting effect while it is illuminating every corner in the room. It is a majestic crystal chandelier, perfect in its simplicity. It is recommended for circular rooms of above circular furniture, creating unparalleled harmony between light and space.

Our Vague chandelier is hanging in this charmingly designed living room in London and gives a gentle golden glow while it illuminates its surroundings. Similar to waves on a transcendentally calm ocean, Vague represents the next generation of Manooi crystal chandeliers.