Interior design with horizontal HALO cluster

gold colour halo chandelier

Visually attractive and technically well-designed interiors make our environment more valuable. In addition to aesthetics, functionality and innovativeness are key factors in interior design. Creators and leading specialists of U & U Design Studio, Roman Ishchuk,architect with 20 years of experience and Julia Ischuk is a designer who knows how to surprise even the most demanding client U&U Design projects combine engineering and artistic approaches.

In the living room of a luxury appartment, an attractive MANOOI crystal chandelier cluster have been installed in unique, golden colour. HALO was designed with the intention of maintaining an apparent airiness by using a minimum of matter without ever compromising on the quality or the effect rendered. This unique piece reminds us of the excellent capacity and phenomena that light can create. Every crystal is carefully assembled into small branches, emerging like light beams that would be covered with frost and diffract the light into thousands of sparkles. HALO can be installed either vertically or horizontally depending on your imaginations. This horizontally installed, golden HALO fits perfectly the elegant interior design of the appartment.

Whether arranged in horizontal or angled position, HALO will be a real eye-catcher when different diameters are combined. And thanks to its light and minimal design you can be sure of always being elegant but never overpowering the interior design.



gold colour Halo chandelier