ICEBERG with stunning view

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Like a good fine wine, wood just gets better with age and never seems to lose its beauty. Designers of Lichthalle AG created a warm, stylish interior design using wood and natural light. Our Iceberg crystal chandeliers can create a special atmosphere especially with natural light.

Manooi chandeliers only are made with premium-quality crystals: full-cut octagon pieces specially carved to recall the look of diamonds. This special cut helps to absorb natural light and to create the incomparable sparkling effect that only a crystal can provide. Its optical traits can break down visible light into spectra, resulting in colour combinations like the rainbow. We use various sized crystals to give a streamlined shape and an airy effect to our lighting creations. As a final touch, we decorate the chandeliers with various shapes and styles of crystal pendants.

Iceberg in a dining room

The Manooi atelier is where these magnificent lamps take shape. Every Manooi chandelier is the product of a long process from planning to realization by our experts.

Our Iceberg chandelier resembles a glistening hemisphere. Technically speaking, Iceberg is one of the most intricate and advanced chandeliers. Manufactured in the Manooi atelier, Iceberg comes in 32 different sizes and shapes to accommodate every architectural space. Thanks to its flexibility, it looks gorgeous in a cluster or on its own, too.

Iceberg crystal chandelier with stunning view