Every great design begins with an even better story

…imagine a summer night in the desert… you are lying on your back under the most stunning night sky you have ever seen. While getting lost in the depths of space among stars, dark clouds, galaxies you sometimes catch a short-lived trail of light…a shooting star.

This sight and imaginary sound are the inspiration for WISSH.

It captures and eternalizes this very moment: a meteor entering our atmosphere illuminating the skyline for a fraction of a second.

Part of the Personal Universe Collection, this chandelier enlivens any space through its dynamic and powerful design. It is available in black and white finishes with a standard length of 280 cm (110.2 inch) and 560 cm (220.5 inch).

And why is it called WISSH?

Because you can make a wish upon a falling star. Just as you can make a wish upon WISSH. You can customize it in size or color to make it a perfect match for your interior and create a magical atmosphere.

….and who knows…maybe wishes made under WISSH will also come true…