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Design Day 2022

World Industrial Design Day 2022: Discussing the connection between leadership and design


Modern crystal chandelier manufacturer, MANOOI is proud to have taken part in celebrating World Industrial Design Day 2022 at the ONYX Restaurant in Budapest on 29 June. It marked the 65th anniversary of the World Design Organisation (WDO), an organisation which has been championing design for a better world for over six decades. 

On this year’s occasion, representatives of the Hungarian Design Council and others focused on the WDO’s theme of leadership and the many ways in which designers are leading the charge towards a better future. 

MANOOI’s founder, designer and company manager, János Héder, was among the high-level participants in an informal round-table discussion on “Design – Business – Well-being”. He and others shared their recipes for success as designers, offering advice and insights on their business models and management strategies.

Having grown up in a society where almost everyone had the same mass-produced, utilitarian objects in their homes, János has always been a proponent of the evolution of design, to which he attributes his company’s success as a creator of modern, bespoke chandeliers. 

“In my parents’ flat I used to have various ideas on how things should look or how it was possible to improve them,” he recalls, adding that he has a special appreciation for silverware, plates, or furniture  that is well thought out.

The venue for the World Industrial Design Day 2022 celebration, Budapest’s ONYX Restaurant, also embodies such sentiments, as a laboratory for gastronomy, art and science – all equally important parts of the creative process. Cooks, pastry chefs, food designers, food engineers and sommeliers there all come together to create something special for their audience.

Round table discussion at Onyx Restaurant

During the round table discussion two different worlds came together and shared their experiences and thoughts of the imporance of leadership in business development, strategy.

János Héder, our founder and art director proudly shared our story, the birth of the MANOOI Universe and importance of design in business development and strategic planning.

Design Day 2022 at Onyx Restaurant


Design Day 2022 at Onyx Restaurant


Design Day 2022 at Onyx Restaurant

Design Day 2022 at Onyx Restaurant