DEEP SKY in the PLUMS steakhouse at RITZ-CARLTON Hotel

Deep Sky 80x80 Ritz Carlton Bahrein Manama

Our DEEP SKY  crystal chandelier enhances the unpretentious atmosphere designed by Ammar Basheir  in the “Plums” steakhouse at The Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Bahrain. Plums combines fine dining with innovative cuisine. Serving some of the finest steaks and seafood in Bahrain, the restaurant’s style is both sleek and inviting, a harmony of modern design, original art, and great cuisine merging in a world-class dining experience.

DEEP SKY is an attempt to grasp the infinity of space, composed of crystals augmented by their own reflections. This endless mass of twinkling stars is only visible from below, within the solid mirror box structure concealing a sparkling multitude. DEEP SKY is a versatile model in the Manooi range. Its different types of outer casings makes it so adaptable to any kind of interior design.

Since its foundation in 2006, Manooi have experimented with materials as diverse as porcelain, leather, wood, marble, concrete, glass, bronze and even Corian®, combining them into unique works of art. Manooi chandeliers’ stainless steel frames can be gold-plated to match an interior and are assembled with specially designed and manufactured fittings. The use of special light bulbs and wiring ensures the longevity of these light creations, guaranteeing decades of illumination.

Far beyond our galaxy in the deep sky, there are billions and billions of galaxies with trillions of sparkling stars. The marvellous Deep Sky Orient crystal chandelier follows Islamic heritage and traditional designs and translates them into a modern design pattern. Due to its special mirror box covered with Corian®, the pattern is even more visible when the chandelier is turned on.

Deep Sky chandelier in the Ritz Carlton hotel

Deep Sky in the Ritz Carlton hotel

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