Crystal sparkling in an atrium

Natural light enhaces the sparkling effect of full cut crystals. Manooi chandeliers only are made with premium-quality crystals: full-cut octagon pieces      specially carved to recall the look of diamonds. This special cut helps to absorb natural light and to create the incomparable sparkling effect that only a crystal can provide. Its optical traits can break down visible light into spectra, resulting in colour combinations like those of a rainbow.

chandelier image 2

Fjord conveys the beauty of Nordic sparkling ice, a gorgeous sight appearing on a sea horizon. Exceptional in the Manooi product range because of its vertical arrangement, Fjord is a shimmering waterfall of glimmering crystal, illuminating the staircases and atriums in which it is installed. Used independently, or as part of a group installation, Fjord dazzles and charms.

Manooi chandelier 1