Glass, aluminum, and copper along with steel and crystal are shaped into ultramodern minimalist compositions. With our latest creations, we took a further step to reinvent crystal lighting. Remaining true to the values of handmade manufacturing we brought innovation into shapes, light sources, and materials.

“While designing the new collection, we imagined Manooi light creations in projects of immense scope and complexity“ – says János Héder.

The new collection includes the models Hanabi, Fineline and new variations of Origo. They offer a vision in which crystal lighting is a modern, sophisticated and flexible solution for complex spaces.

Hanabi grasps the sensation and effect of the sparkling lights of fireworks: light beams made of steel and Swarovski crystals arranged in delicate compositions. Within the Hanabi range, we created Hanabi X, Hanabi Star, and Hanabi Spark.

Hanabi Spark

Hanabi Star

Hanabi X

The slender shape of Fineline evokes a string of light frozen in the flash of a second. Similarly to the Hanabi range, for this model, we used the Swarovski crystals and  LED light sources.


Our new Origo variations include Origo Cone, Origo Tube, and Origo Pulsar; they follow the minimalist aesthetics introduced by the original Origo model in 2017 and come in novel shapes.

Origo Cone

Origo Tube

Origo Pulsar

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