The project of the Hale Country Club in Manchester, implemented together with the Lighting Sensation is featuring the Ozero composition. The spheres of Ozero, pouring soft golden light over the entrance hall create an inimitable and mesmerizing effect. We created a bespoke chandelier adorned with the light topaz colored crystals. Our work is always an inspiring and exciting dialogue between the creators and clients in order to reach perfection, the ideal object for each particular space.

Manooi collecion in the Bulthaub Showroom

Showroom in Cologne, Germany, houses the Manooi collection. This is a fine example of how crystal lighting is able to transform the kitchen from the mere space of functionality. The gentle rain of crystal chains floating over the isle adds the warm hue to the otherwise monochrome surface. Linea adds delicacy and grace to the space, changing the way kitchen is perceived and bringing joy to each moment of the day.

Manooi is very proud to be a part of this award-winning project in Dubai. The IDC Insignia received a prestigious Arabian Property Awards for the private penthouse at Le Rêve Tower. Situated at the very heart of the Dubai Marina district, the penthouse is the finest masterpiece of the cutting-edge residential design.

The Koi with its perfect geometric light is placed at the epicenter of the living room, emphasized by the false ceiling structure.  Beautiful in its simplicity, this chandelier adds a signature touch to this interior implemented in classical style. The sitting area, perfect for the official purposes and family gatherings alike is arranged around the ellipse of Artica.

Looop Crystal Chandelier

Manooi chandeliers feature in the gorgeous atrium of the Salamander shop in Vienna. For this project, we had a complex task of creating the interior design corporate book for the Salamander brand to raise the company’s quality rating and drastically increase store sales and profits. Along with the planning of the interior design, we produced and installed a unique, high-end chandelier composition from Looop models in a 14-meter tall glass roof atrium, which can be seen right from the entrance of the store and provides the retail space with a wow-factor.


The installation of a Fjord composition was part of the renovation of a residential villa project to fill the spacious and large hall with life and sparkle. The interior design of the villa was led by Fouad Mirza, Founder and Creative Director of the Tawazen Speciality Consultancies. Fjord lamps are vibrating waterfalls of crystal that surely dazzle the eye of the beholder.

We were inspired to work with the Kathycasa Trade on this magnificent project in Shanghai. Here, Looop is reflecting and emphasizing the marble floor mosaic, and elegantly complements the Art Deco hallway.

The beautiful project in Austria is housing our special model Rose adorned with the dazzling Swarovski Spectra crystals. The ambiance, which Rose brings to the dining area is created through the inimitable flicker of lights, filling the space with golden and silver hues.

The apartment in London at the Bishops Avenue is housing Tondo from Manooi – the model in which the dramatic effect is reached through the combination of stainless steel and the mesmerizing sparkling of crystals. This playfulnessmakes Tondo a perfect choice for the contemporary spaces, following the minimalist trend but adding the feeling of luxury to spaces.

The elegant bedroom in Saint Petersburg is decorated with a composition of three Polaris chandeliers. Flowing one into another, the three Polaris chandeliers embody harmony and beauty. The arrangement of the chandeliers reflects a complex geometry of space, while mirroring the color palette of the bedroom.  Manooi is always seeking the most exclusive solutions for its clients, combining contemporary shapes with the artisan approach to production. Serenity and beauty suffuse the space and bring joy to the observer.

The project of Fede Design in Miami, Florida is an exemplary state-of-the-art design project, featuring our model Wissh. The elegant dining area in a contemporary minimalist style and calm palette is adorned with our chandelier representing the shooting star. This model is characterized by airy design, emphasized by the refined black structure with the sparkling rays of crystal shining, emanating from one of the edges.