MANOOI crystal chandeliers are the best choice for interiors decorated in a classic style but due to their elegance and versatility, crystal chandeliers will also decorate any interior in a modern style. Our OZERO crystal chandelier has been chosen as the centerpiece of the dining area of this elegant-yet-modern style interior in Buda.

The dining area has an elegant atmosphere due to the light and dark contrast of the interior. The black shade of the OZERO crystal chandelier reflects the dark colors of the interior while the lighter colors are in perfect harmony with the crystal sparkle.

The black shade and the yellowish brown color combination of the OZERO makes the atmosphere complete. All Manooi  chandeliers are only assembled with premium-quality crystals. These crystals are coloured within their own material to stand the test of time, and ensure the durability of the colours for eternity.


Since debuting in the main hall of the Hungarian Art Gallery in Budapest, OZERO remains the symbol of luxurious design and outstanding craftsmanship.

The refined shades of this contemporary pendant lamp are available in various color solutions, while the crystal adornments can be customized in multiple color variations.

OZERO is one of the most versatile crystal chandeliers of MANOOI. It comes in many different color combinations, the sparkling hemisphere of ICEBERG crystal chandelier is combined with matching shades to fit any interior.

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Linea at the dinning room

The restyling of this villa consisted of a bespoke color and material that reflects both the modern architecture and aesthetic of the villa but also adds a touch of elegant luxury. In most of this villa’s divisions, the harmony was carried out with different shades of the color grey, by Martinuzzi Interiors. The villa has a luxurious interior design with a very relaxing atmosphere provided by the nature surrounded.

Linea at the dining room

MANOOI‘s LINEA crystal chandelier have been designed to enhance the atmosphere of the space it is placed in. LINEA fits the villa’s spacious dining area perfectly with its regular shape. There is also a little extra sparkle in the contrasting harmony of the light and dark colours of the interior like grey, beige and black. Due to the contrast of colours crystal sparkle is even more recognizable.

Linea at the dining room

LINEA is a rainfall of light with sparkling drops of crystal. Like an endless crystal curtain, this stunning crystal chandelier is striking in its length. Various lengths of crystal rows give off the effect of a continuous flow to the chandelier. It is frequently installed in rectangular, narrow spaces such as corridors or passageways, but is also an ideal choice for suspending over a counter to highlight any interior. This time LINEA highlights one of the most important spaces of the villa, the dining and sitting room area.

Linea at the dining room

Linea at the dining room



Porsche Design Tower Miami is a luxury apartment building in a class of its own. Porsche Design Tower Miami is nestled between sophisticated Bal Harbour, and elegant Aventura lies the intimate seaside community of Sunny Isles Beach, South Florida’s new address for Engineered Luxury – Porsche Design Tower Miami.

Surrounded by spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean and the Intracoastal Waterway, this exclusive location embodies a new definition of luxury, comfort, and convenience.

In a luxury apartment in this unique building, K-2 Design created an exceptional interior design with full of high-class materials. Luxurious finishing materials, furniture and lamps are widely used in the decoration of the apartment. The walls of the bathrooms are finished with marble slabs, the floors are covered with marble and deck parquet. The walls of the rooms are finished with luxury wallpaper, decorative painting and paneling. Doors and panels made by Longhi, lamps – Manooi, Terzani, Artemide, furniture – Flexform, Natuzzi, Longhi, Pggenpohl.

Interior Design by Sergey Kuzmin.

Artica chandelier


ARTICA is the flagship and one of the most successful Manooi models. This perfectly planned crystal chandelier, embodies the spirit of the brand; over time it has become the recognised shape and logo of Manooi around the world.


Artica chandelier


Artica chandelier






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When it comes to contemporary interior design, less is always more. Manooi’s most versatile crystal chandelier, Origo in the Personal Universe Collection, Origo Cone is ready to fulfill your interior design with its sparkling vibes.

Origo Cone follows the minimalist aesthetics introduced by the original Origo pendant and comes in novel shape – elegant and refined сone. With its copper lampshade and LED light source, it adds warmth and glamour to an interior. Apart from copper, Origo Cone is also made in polished or brushed chrome finishes (black or white color). This modern style crystal chandelier provides the possibility of infinite arrangements of various clusters but can be also used as a single pendant. This skillfully handcrafted lamp is adorned with the crystals of the highest quality.

Origo Cone

Contemporary style bathroom inspiration with crystal chandelier cluster including three Origo Cone. Its modern style makes it easy to match almost any interior style. Due to its versatile size and shapes it is perfectly adaptable for every interior.

Origo Cone follows the minimalist aesthetics introduced by the original Origo pendant and comes in novel shape – elegant and refined сone. With its copper lampshade and LED light source, it adds warmth and glamour to an interior. Apart from copper, you can order polished or brushed chrome finishes (black or white color). Origo provides the possibility of infinite arrangements of various clusters but can be also used as a single pendant. This skillfully handcrafted lamp is adorned with the crystals of the highest quality.

Origo Cone






amLAB studio provides a full-service consultancy for architectural design, interior design, research/branding projects, and design-build projects. The team puts in immense effort to be a single point of contact for any client, they work with full customer focus to create competitive and customized solutions: beyond common places. MANOOI is proud to be present with KOI crystal chandelier in one of their latest project which was designed for a pharmacy in Budva.

A KOI crystal chandelir have been place in the center point of the well designed PHARMACY- UNIPROM PHARM BUDVA in Montenegro. The pharmacy is located within the luxury 5 star hotel Hotel ‘Budva’, overlooking the Adriatic. With its geometric contour and a soft curved bottom design, our KOI is available in several versions. KOI seduces with its elegant simplicity and is thus the preferred choice for representative spaces. Its versatility makes it adaptable to all kinds of environments and it provides a well-defined geometrical light.

The gold-coloured frame makes our KOI crystal chandelier even more special and luxurious. MANOOI manufactures frames out of stainless steel due to its longevity and strength. MANOOI crystal chandeliers are produced with polished, stainless steel and in gold-coloured painted versions. We use the highest quality applications on our frames, to provide an enduring piece of art.



gold colour halo chandelier

Visually attractive and technically well-designed interiors make our environment more valuable. In addition to aesthetics, functionality and innovativeness are key factors in interior design. Creators and leading specialists of U & U Design Studio, Roman Ishchuk,architect with 20 years of experience and Julia Ischuk is a designer who knows how to surprise even the most demanding client U&U Design projects combine engineering and artistic approaches.

In the living room of a luxury appartment, an attractive MANOOI crystal chandelier cluster have been installed in unique, golden colour. HALO was designed with the intention of maintaining an apparent airiness by using a minimum of matter without ever compromising on the quality or the effect rendered. This unique piece reminds us of the excellent capacity and phenomena that light can create. Every crystal is carefully assembled into small branches, emerging like light beams that would be covered with frost and diffract the light into thousands of sparkles. HALO can be installed either vertically or horizontally depending on your imaginations. This horizontally installed, golden HALO fits perfectly the elegant interior design of the appartment.

Whether arranged in horizontal or angled position, HALO will be a real eye-catcher when different diameters are combined. And thanks to its light and minimal design you can be sure of always being elegant but never overpowering the interior design.



gold colour Halo chandelier


2dining area 1 5

MANOOI is  proud to be part of a stunning restylishing design project with one of its most popular crystal chandeliers. DEEP SKY is an attempt to grasp the infinity of space, composed of crystals augmented by their own reflections. This endless mass of twinkling stars is only visible from below, within the solid mirror box structure concealing a sparkling multitude.

This restylishing, modern interior design by Martinuzzi Interiors in magnificent property located on the hill of Erlenbach, overlooking Lake Zurich. The brief of the client entailed the restyling of the property to add substantially to its market value. To that end, the villa needed to be brought up-to-date and revived. Martinuzzi Interiors prefered to draw attention to the fact that “Restyling” is in high demand on the real estate market, because it combines a modernisation with a renovation concept & planning using the technologies of renders and video renders.

The main challenges were to find the perfect color palette that would contrast and at the same time harmonize the built-in furniture with the flooring, all realized in the same American walnut wood. The combination of warm and cold grey colors with the brown/orange existing elements highlights the re-modernization adding a refined taste. The concept intelligently embraced also the existing Asian design elements and colors giving the villa an original and sophisticated new look.

For the dining area of the villa, they continued the harmony with the different shapes of grey color. The texture was enriched by a luxury Anguilla leather wallpaper in different areas of the Villa. The lighter warmer grey was used for the entire interiors walls of the villa. The final result is a feeling of living with style and Harmony. The future furnishing of those areas will be completed by the wish of the client. This is the area where the interior design and the athmospeher was completed with a stunnng black covered, DEEP SKY crystal chandelier.

deep sky in the living room deep sky in the dining room deep sky in the dining room

Location: Zurich

Year: 2018

Size: 600 m2, 12 rooms

Project Objectives: Restyling, Renovation, Color and Material Concept.


Voile chandelier in an art deco interior


We are proud to be present in a luxury apartment design in art deco style by SimmenGroup, a team of market leading professional designers for prestigious new buildings and renovations in Switzerland and abroad.

The art deco style, which above all reflected modern technology, was always characterized by smooth lines, geometric shapes, streamlined forms and bright, sometimes garish colours. Initially a luxury style using high quality materials like silver, crystal, ivory, jade and lacquer.

Light ivory, beige colours of the furnitures, carpets define the friendly but elegant  style of the appartment. The bright colours are enlivened by the golden accessories typical for Art Deco style. Crysltas not just ideal or fit into this interior design but essential.

In the living room a stunning cluster of six VOILE chandeliers by MANOOI elevates the mood. VOILE chandelier is designed to stand the test of time. It combines the latest LED technology with artistic manufacturing techniques. Its versatility makes it adaptable to any kind of space. It is available in various sizes and shapes – quarter, oval and square to fit any imagination. Recommended to be installed in clusters,  the number of size and colour combinations is infinite.


 Voile chandelier in an art deco interior

 Voile chandelier in an art deco interior

Manooi Polaris crystal chancdelier cluster

Luxury apartment on the East Coast in Florida features a stunning sea view

This stylish apartment has a real personal touch since it was designed by the owner herself and Lights of Venice. In the large sitting room there is plenty of space to fill with designer furniture and accessories. The challenge was to fill up the large space proportionately with light, to highlight its stunning sea view. The designer was looking for a specific crystal chandelier to occupy the space in the sitting room area.

The POLARIS crystal chandelier has several different sizes to choose from, so the designer went ahead and arranged that the area accommodate three different sizes and then hung them at different heights. Every piece of the interior design is well-planned, personal and creates harmony while using light pastel colours. The large windows provide a stunning sea view and lots of natural light.

Manooi crystal chandeliers are only made with premium-quality crystals: full-cut octagon pieces specially carved to recall the look of diamonds. This special cut helps to absorb natural light and to create the incomparable sparkling effect that only a crystal can provide. Its optical traits can break down visible light into spectra, resulting in colour combinations like those of a rainbow. We use various-sized crystals to give a streamlined and an airy effect to our lighting creations. As a final touch, we decorate the chandeliers with various shapes and styles of crystal pendants so the chandeliers provide a stunning sparkling effect from every angle.

POLARIS is perfect for installing in a composition, having an exclusive, inimitable shape. The intricate shape of this chandelier will underline the complex lines in contemporary interiors. With both mineral and stellar associations, this chandelier captivates and represents a new departure in the manufacturing possibilities of the brand. The POLARIS crystal chandelier is available in three standard shapes and can be further enhanced by combinations of the coloured crystals of your choice.




Manooi Iceberg crystal chandelier

Out of the many aspects making Arndt Geiger Herrmann Architects’ oeuvre so exciting and extraordinary, it is mainly two that perfectly characterise the firm’s architectural stance: firstly, the references, in terms of both form and content, to 21st century Swiss modernism, which the architects have steadfastly devoted themselves to, irrespective of all postmodern trends, whose idiosyncrasies continue to have repercussions to this day; and secondly, the reflection upon the location, the acknowledgement of and involvement with different truths and their diversity, without which their architectural concepts would be unthinkable. Only a few steps away from Lake Lucerne in this idyllic scenery, an amazing single family house with a unique panoramic view was built on an empty plot of land. In the steep terrain of “Nagelfluh”, elaborate foundation work had to be carried out in order to be able to realise the planned three-story house. The infinity pool was deliberately designed so that one can fully enjoy the fabulous view from there.

Manooi is proud to be present in that realm with one of its Iceberg crystal chandeliers in  one of their stunning, “single family house with panoramic view” projects. Our Iceberg chandelier resembles a glistening hemisphere, andechnically speaking, it is one of the most intricate and advanced chandeliers. Manufactured in the Manooi atelier, Iceberg comes in 32 different sizes and shapes to accommodate every architectural space. Thanks to its flexibility, it looks gorgeous in a cluster or on its own, too.

EFH IMG 2298 20180831

The materials of the cubic villa were carefully selected in close dialogue with the client. The ventilated facade consisting of gray clinker brick was glued and then grouted. The interior is also dominated by stone. The only exception is a compact core of smoked eucalyptus wood, which runs vertically through the three floors of the property and is not only a visual eye-catcher, but also cleverly hides undesirables thanks to elaborate planning. 


EFH IMG 2307 20180831