Manooi chandeliers were featured in a unique design fair in Vienna – Home Depot, which lasted from March 12 to March 16, 2014.  The event is Austria’s main design fair, taking place annually at a Semperdepot, an enormous 19th-century building in the very heart of the city. At the centre of the atrium, we placed an impressive composition of our Ozero and Iceberg modern luxury chandeliers, which became a real eye-catcher, and the main light installation for the fair.

Manooi took part in Budapest’s Art Fair 2013, which was held at the Hall of Art (Műcsarnok). The gorgeous neoclassical building from the 19th century was a perfect location to present Manooi designs. Our Ozero modern crystal chandelier composition struck a pose among the frescoes and the richly ornamented ceiling.

Bazaar is our bespoke custom lighting design model, which combines modern, simple lines with the splendid effect of crystals. The two exclusive chandeliers in a composition underlined the contemporary vibes of the interior. The crystal adornments added a touch of luxury, making Bazaar a perfect lighting solution for high-end office spaces and hospitals.

Manooi received a client request for a gigantic, spectacular contemporary crystal chandelier that would highlight the company’s corporate identity. It had to be placed in the spindle of a staircase at the company’s headquarters. The design of the custom made ceiling lights was customized based on the client’s preferences and consisted of a number of architectural elements, which – individually and collectively – represent the uniqueness of the enterprise.

Manooi team is always excited to embark on bespoke projects, such as the featherlight creation for the Hotel Zara in Budapest. The exquisite composition from streams of crystal light filled the stairwell space with soft and rich light. Transparent crystal adornment is a perfect way to bring out the best out of light in its essence.

Manooi is proud to be featured in the Wolf Bracka Luxury Plaza in Warsaw. The architectural jewel of the city’s downtown, this luxury department store offers the very best of the world of fashion, and ensures the highest possible standard of services. In line with the high-end interior design styles, Manooi crystal chandeliers were chosen as a decorative lighting solution for several zones of the store. For one, a FJORD luxury ceiling lights composition is at the top-floor luxury restaurant contributing a chic feeling to the minimalist design.

Fjord composition interior wolf bracka 10

OZERO stars as the focus point of  the Franck Müller Showroom on Andrassy Avenue, Budapest. Combining the famous Iceberg shape with the Lune upper hemisphere, OZERO became the flagship design of Manooi’s Personal Universe Collection. Debuting in the main hall of the Hungarian Art Gallery in an ensemble of 3 imposing chandeliers, Ozero remains the symbol of luxurious design and outstanding craftsmanship.