Step into a world where sophistication meets modern comfort. In a harmonious blend of elements, our collaboration with the Hinke Architects.
In this Czech interior project, the soft beige tones create an atmosphere of restfulness, offering a calm escape from the crowded world outside. The clean lines and minimalistic design elements emphasize the beauty of simplicity, allowing each piece of furniture and decor to shine.

Our company’s theory is creating spaces, that tell a unique story like our Iceberg chandelier in these rooms. One of the highlights of this project is the lighting solution which is part of this masterpiece.
Witness the beauty of this interior project where beige meets black and experience a design journey that speaks to the heart of modern living.


Infinity project

We are proud to be part of the luxury project design by PEDRO J. CANO GARCIA well-known interior designer, founder of ALICANTE ARQUITECTURA.

Infinity project

Modern in style but also elegant and generous atmosphere, every square meter of this luxury villa really exudes airiness and lightness. The designer has boldly combined cool glass surfaces with wood surfaces that radiate warmth.

MANOOI’s Infinity has been chosen to shine in the dining room of this fabulously modern style villa in a picturesque setting.

Infinity crystal chandelier

Our Infinity crystal chandelier awakens the power of eternity with its never-ending loops. This contemporary chandelier symbolizes empowerment and everlasting beauty. 

Featuring hundreds of full-cut octagon crystals, the Infinity sparkles radiantly above the design glass dining table. It floats in the air with effortless ease, while filling the space with a truly unique effect. The shape of this exclusive pendant lamp will bring an artistic touch to your interior design project.

Infinity crystal chandelier



Origo as one of our most popular models of MANOOI‘s Personal Universe Collection has always been loved for its versatility. It comes in many forms and combinations but always represents the best quality and design. The Origo family of lamps has grown and Origo Cone arrived with a brand new version, with a stylish combination of steel and onyx.

The special transmittance of onyx allows us to provide a light and gentle light for the interior. The natural light provides warmth and a very relaxing atmosphere, while the soft layers allow light to flood into the interior.

It is perfect in its simplicity and is made with the latest LED technologies to be a sustainable light source and protect the environment. Onyx is a great choice of materials if you want to create a unique ambiance and a peaceful space.


Jewel ceiling mounted lamp

Like real gems of the interiors, models of the JEWEL line show elegance and beauty while remaining functional and modern due to the latest LED technology trends. Onyx as a natural material is used in interior design and in the creation of decorative items.


MANOOI‘s founder and designer, János Héder wanted to create something beautiful and natural at the same time. The transmittance of onyx allowing light to pass through it. Onyx’s versatility in terms of color and pattern allows for a range of design possibilities. 


Whether it’s a monochromatic, streamlined modell or another with the unique banding patterns of onyx, the silky texture adds a touch of luxury and elegance.


The Jewel onyx ceiling pendant lamp is a true testament to the power of design. The warm glow of the onyx gemstone imbues your space with a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

Jewel ceiling mounted lamp


This pendant lamp is a true work of art. Like a majestic necklace, Jewel suspended onyx pendant lamp elegantly and gracefully blends into the space.

Jewel suspended onyx pendant lamp


Comet oval

While designing our NOVELTIES for MANOOI’s Crystalight Collection, we wanted to create a family of crystal chandeliers where the most ancestral shapes are combined with the latest technologies. This is how COMET was born.

Shapes like lines, circles, and ovals have been used in various art forms, design principles, and architectural styles throughout history. They can be visually pleasing and harmonious, but beauty is a complex and multifaceted concept that extends beyond specific shapes.

Beauty is a subjective but the sparkles of crystals are forever

Oval shape is commonly used in design, art, and architecture to create visually interesting and aesthetically pleasing compositions. COMET Oval shines as a reference point in any room due to its majestic design and captivating effects.

Comet oval

Comet oval

COMET Line is meant to represent modernity in the line. Due to the latest LED technology, clean lean lines it could be the perfect choice for smart homes.

Comet line

Comet line

COMET Circle with its elegant and detailed design represents timeless value. Looks perfect in clusters while fulfilling the space it is placed in.

Manooi stand

The biggest lighting exhibition of the year, EUROLUCE 2023, where so many designers and design lovers meet, has ended.

MANOOI debuted its news collection at the most important design event of the year, Salone del Mobile / EUROLUCE. The exhibition took place in Milan from 18-23 April 2023, where visitors were able to see their products and discover their latest design lighting collections.

14 years ago, we exhibited here for the very first time, and this year we returned with a brand new line of MANOOI luxury chandeliers.

Manooi stand at Salone del Mobile.Milano 2023


In the aim of design and beauty, we imagined and created something brand new in our universe. The new collection represents a whole new wave, especially because of the choice of exceptional materials, like the onyx. The GEM COLLECTION is a stunning example of the designer’s inspiration and commitment to creating unique and luxurious lighting fixtures.

János Héder, co-founder and designer of MANOOI wanted to design a light creation which brings the positive energies of nature and natural light into homes and interiors. Due to its special appearance and properties onyx can provide a soft and gentle glow of light. Each lamp is unique and unrepeatable through the diverse play of the material, which provides infinite varieties of colors. 

He dreamed up the new collection in a malleable but natural material, and onyx proved to be the perfect choice.

Why onyx?

With the use of onyx as a stunning appearance and environmentally friendly material, and the latest LED technology reflecting his commitment to responsible design and manufacturing practices. The attention to detail and quality is evident in every element of the lamps, from their precise craftsmanship to the warm, inviting light they emit.

Jewel suspended onyx lamp

Jewel onyx lamp



MANOOI is well known for its unique sparkling light creations, to stay true to our signature style, two new crystal chandeliers joined to the Crystalight Collection: MIRAGE, COMET and GÉODE chandelier arrived to the Persona Collection.

We prepared for crystal lovers with a new, modern style crystal chandelier, called MIRAGE. Made from the finest cut crystals with the most special care to shine for eternity. Due to their colors, lean lines they are easy to adapt either to classic or contemporary interior designs. With its distinctive style, this crystal chandelier is a defining element of MANOOI’s new style trend. 

Mirage crystal chandelier

Mirage crystal chandelier

COMET crystal chandelier

Comet crystal chandelier



Next to the novelties, our most popular and flagship models were presented to the great delight of visitors.

A new size and shape variations of the BURJ crystal chandelier debuted during Euroluce 2023, just like our signature models ARTICA and RIO were also enhances the atmosphere of the MANOOI stand. 

Artica crystal chandelier

Artica crystal chandelier

Polaris crystal chandelier

Polaris crystal chandelier

Rio crystal chandelier

As a specialty, our visitors could have a deeper point of view for our new standard color combinations. As a new feature, we collected the most popular color combinations to help our customers in choosing their favorites. As a unique example, we exhibited a crystal chandeliers with golden color frame and also a bespoke solution for yachts. 


Manooi standard color collection



For glamour lovers, MANOOI debuted a new crystal chandelier called Mirage at EUROLUCE 2023. A true jewel of the space, it is a reinterpretation of the classic MANOOI style, using contrasting colors and lines, enhanced by the creative use of materials.

Fusion of colors and generations

Mirage brings a new wave into the MANOOI Universe not just because of its modern, contrasting style but this is the first fruit of the common work of father and son. The designers behind Mirage crystal chandelier are János Héder and his son Máté Héder, a young and talented jewellery designer. 

Máté Héder jewellery designer

(Máté Héder – jewellery designer)

Máté grew up in the world of design, so his whole life has been permeated by a love of beauty, harmony and style. Seeing his parents’ work, it soon became clear to him that this was his path too. He was attracted to design and interior design since he was a small child and during the years his father became his inspiration. With the birth of Mirage crystal chandelier, the time has come for the first collaboration. The result speaks for itself, with its distinctive style, Mirage became a defining element of MANOOI’s new style trend. 

The speciality of crystal use is the play of light and shadow and the bold use of color, showing a different face from every angle. An important design element of the chandelier is its lacing technique, which uses the interplay of colorful crystal chains as shining necklaces to create a real luxury piece of space jewellery.

The latest MANOOI crystal chandelier is a true statement item that attracts attention and admiration with its challenging style.  Made exclusively from the finest materials to ensure a long-lasting and luxurious lighting experience. Its crystal structure is designed and crafted by professional experts, resulting in a work of art that is both timeless and captivating.


COMET crystal chandelier 

This versatile crystal chandelier were designed in different shapes to fit any interior and style. Starting from the modern Line version to the elegant Circle and Oval versions. Perfect on its own or also in clusters. 

(Comet Circle chandelier)

(Comet Oval chandelier)



Hundreds of crystal beads hiding under the metal surface. This is the special sparkling effect of GÉODE. These new wave chandeliers were designed with a lightweight, durable shade and with using the latest LED technologies. 


(Géode chandelier)

Natural vibes in luxury style

The pieces in the new MANOOI collection are based on a completely new foundation: creating a luxurious and elegant look with using natural materials such as onyx. The designer, János Héder was particularly drawn to the infinity and harmony of the universe and sought to capture these qualities in the design of the lamps. 

The main element of the collection, the onyx spheres, are meant to evoke the celestial bodies of the sky, the moons and planets that make up the universe, while creating a sense of serenity and wonder. Due to the natural properties of base material these elegant pendant lamps fulfill the interior with soft and gentle glow of light. 

The GEM Collection recalls the planets of our universe, each of them is different and has something in common at the same time, they striving for perfection with their streamlined form and soft, seemingly silky surface. The onyx elements are carefully shaped and polished to bring out its natural textures and colors of this unique material. They provide a modern, lean style which is easy to identify with.

Moonrise, Moonset, Io and Aura pendant lamps were designed with the environment in mind using LED technologies and natural materials.

(Aura lamp)

(IO lamp)

(Moonset lamp)

(Moonrise lamp)


Jewel family of lamps 

Jewel is designed with LED technologies and these onyx lamps provide warm and inviting light, creating a welcoming atmosphere. The Jewel family is also available in wall, suspended, ceiling, wave versions.

jewell onyx lamp



Origo cone onyx

The Origo cone, which made its first debut at Euroluc 2019, returns in a revamped form. This time the designers have created a modern style with an onyx interior.

origo cone with onyx







Infinity crystal chandelier

Let’s get involved to the world of crystals chandeliers and design. Know more about how MANOOI crystal chandeliers are made!
The Manooi atelier is where these magnificent light creations take shape. Every Manooi chandelier is the product of a long process from planning to realization by our experts.


We are proud to be present at the Le Clos Violette d’Aglaé Hotel with a special coloured INFINITY crystalchandelier. Le Clos Violette d’Aglaé, 50 meters from the heart of L’Isle-sur-la-Sorgue, is a jewel of history. The house bears the first medieval fleur-de-lys, and its southern facade retains a cross as well as the framing of 15th-century windows. INFINITY welcomes the guests at the reception with its different shades of purple crystals. This contemporary chandelier symbolizes empowerment and everlasting beauty. Its colourful never ending loops represents eternity.

purple Infinity crystal chandelier purple Infinity crystal chandelier