Brilliance United: The Manooi and Yamagiwa Collaboration

As Manooi and Yamagiwa continue to inspire and captivate with their collaborative creations, the future of luxury lighting shines brighter. Together, we illuminate the world with brilliance, beauty, and boundless creativity.

The business development manager of Yamagiwa, Yoshiro Kokunou, attended the Euroluce 2017 exhibition in Milan and initiated the collaboration. As part of this collaboration, one of Manooi’s sales managers, had the privilege of representing the brand during a visit to Yamagiwa’s showroom in Japan.

During his visit, Ferenc had the opportunity to immerse himself in Yamagiwa’s world-renowned collection of lighting fixtures and present an informative overview of Manooi’s illustrious history and product offerings

One of the purposes of the trip was to provide thorough training to the Yamagiwa team on the topics of crystals and Manooi, aiming to support them in successfully recommending Manooi to their clients. Additionally, we held an event at the Tokyo showroom for Yamagiwa’s partners, where approximately 70 interior designers attended.

They also have showrooms in multiple locations: Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka.

The Japanese market has shown a particular affinity for smaller chandeliers wighting less than 10 kg, and have recieved numerous orders for these. Yamagiwa is our key partner in this Japan region.