Luxury apartment in Jade Beach, Sunny Isles, FL
Jade Beach condos Sunny Isles is the ultimate luxury beachfront oasis which is designed for those enjoying their lifetime successes and while there are other premier towers along the Sunny Isles Beach coastline, there is nothing like Jade Beach condos when location, views, and value is of importance.

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When it comes to contemporary interior design, less is always more. Manooi’s most versatile crystal chandelier, Origo in the Personal Universe Collection, Origo is ready to fulfill your interior design with its sparkling vibes.


amLAB studio provides a full-service consultancy for architectural design, interior design, research/branding projects, and design-build projects. The team puts in immense effort to be a single point of contact for any client, they work with full customer focus to create competitive and customized solutions: beyond common places. MANOOI is proud to be present with KOI crystal chandelier in one of their latest project which was designed for a pharmacy in Budva.

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Modern crystal chandelier manufacturer, MANOOI is proud to have taken part in celebrating World Industrial Design Day 2022 at the ONYX Restaurant in Budapest on 29 June. It marked the 65th anniversary of the World Design Organisation (WDO), an organisation which has been championing design for a better world for over six decades.