Manooi Fjord crystal chandelier

BIRTH OF A BESPOKE LIGHT CREATION   Experts of MANOOI always like to push their own boundaries. Manooi’s standard crystal chandeliers can be personalised as bespoke light creations to provide for differences in personal taste and to best complement the styles and colour schemes of the interiors in which they will be placed. A special

Manooi Fjord crystal chandelier

CREATIVE ENERGIES ONCE THERE WAS A TEXTILE FACTORY IN ÓBUDA The Goldberger Textile Factory operated in Óbuda for two hundred years. The founder, Ferenc Goldberger, opened his blue painting plant in 1784. In the 19th century, the small company developed into a large textile factory, so successful that even Emperor Franz Joseph and his wife

Manooi Artica crystal chandelier

S/ALON BUDAPEST 2021 S/ALON Budapest is the most powerful initiative to bring the most important representatives of Hungarian interior design together and to inspire professionals and general audiences with an influx of the latest design concepts, novel projects and state-of-the-art resources. MANOOI was proud to be exhibited at the S/SALON Budapest in 2021. It is

double Voile ZZ architect

Luxury Apartment facing the Queen’s Necklace Among ZZ Architect’s vast and admirable portfolio there’s a project that stands out: a decadent seaside 3500 square feet apartment with marvellous views that features Maison Valentina as one has never seen it before. Regarded as one of India’s leading architecture and interior design studios, ZZ Architects, founded by