artica designworx

ARTICA enlightens in Singapore, in the quiet Leedon Park neighbourhood. In a generous built-up area of 11,800 sq ft, this three-story home in Singapore features a total of nine rooms, including a gym, and a study on the top floor. GK Architects worked to meet the feng shui requirements of this spacious abode with a

Looop composition Paris Gallery Baku Ageno LTD

A LOOOP cluster highlights the entryway to the Paris Gallery, the Central Asia’s leading luxury retail outlet in Azerbaijan. Situated in the heart of Baku at Fountain Square, the three-level opulent shop covers an area of 1000 square metres and is complete with a VIP lounge, gorgeous spaces and a floor dedicated to high-end, exclusive luxury

Artica 480 D3 interior wulin mr. lu hanghzou 8

A colourful crystal chandelier cluster shines in this luxury interior Hangzhou, China. It’s a fine combination of an elegant, classic home decor with a touch of crystal sparkle. The shape and colour combinations of ARTICA and RIO are in perfect harmony with every aspect of the interior design. The bespoke size of the cluster— ARTICA 480, RIO 180,

moha composition interior hunor 52

We love bespoke design projects, it is always a great pleasure to create something unique. MOHA was originally designed as a bespoke light creation. Bespoke models are unique part of the Manooi Collection. MOHA becomes a real eye-catcher with its dashing form in any space.   Each of our models has a story to tell.