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This 7.500 square feet Mumbai family home is high on style and comfort. ZZ Architects created a comfortable, effective and luxurious athomospher. “The primary concern of the family was not to get scattered or isolated in the apartment. They choose it for its fantastic views.” – says Krupa Zubin of ZZ Architects. Curated collections  ICEBERG

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Benyei Architectural Studio has designed a modern luxury home whose design tips its hat to the past, but whose accessories and special attention to detail offer a warm welcome into the 21st century. Closely cooperating with their client, the design team managed to locate and take advantage of the special intersection, where modern and elegant

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LET’S SEE A FEW IDEAS WHY YOU SHOULD Working on decorative and functional lighting in the bathroom could be a challenging project. We have selected a few of our projects to give an inspiration on the perfect crystal chandeliers  to create an ambiance with function and style.   KEEP IT CLASSIC Golden look and crystals


PERSONALISE YOUR BEDROOM!  We gathered you some inspiring ideas specially for BEDROOMS!   Creating an ambiance for relaxation and rejuvenation, this is what bedroom designs are about. However, here lies a challenge as well. The question is which mood, style, feeling are you about to create. MODERN VIBES OR CLASSIC STYLE You don’t have to