Beautiful results of a long-lasting partnership We at Manooi are always on the lookout for mutual success and long-term cooperation with our partners, with whom we seek to collaborate onnew and challenging projects. A perfect example of such a relationship is the collaboration between Manooi and Tawazen Speciality Consultancies Interior Design, led by Fouad Mirza,

Artica 8

Louvre Casa is a pioneer in the field of high-end home art. The company takes “promote the Chinese furniture to the world, bring the world furniture into China” as their responsibility, aims to create a more high-end, high-quality lifestyle for people. It is the first to introduce European imported furniture in China for persons with unique

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Designed by renowned architect Abin Chaudhuri, founder of one of the leading design studios in India, Lightkrafts Experience Studio is the embodiment of elegancy and sophistication which gives a unique experience of the space with through lighting. Lightkrafts premium experience center showcases the best domestic and commercial lighting collections from the best Lighting Brands and

Infinity crystal chandelier

Let’s get involved to the world of crystals chandeliers and design. Know more about how MANOOI crystal chandeliers are made!
The Manooi atelier is where these magnificent light creations take shape. Every Manooi chandelier is the product of a long process from planning to realization by our experts.