When it comes to being a designer, János Héder, MANOOI co founder and brainchild behind the company’s exquisite lighting creations, says he shares a sentiment that his company likes to tout: “Creation is our ‘mother tongue’.” But, in his case, becoming a designer was not something he was born with, but the result of his

Manooi’s ORIGO lamp is truly an original – a modern lighting fixture that gives the impression of a precious jewel.  Designed to add light for a wide variety of functions through a fine combination of crystal and LED-sourced light, ORIGO is a completely novel, streamlined, compact design composed of classic materials, like red copper, crystal

MANOOI is extremely proud to have been featured recently in FORBES Magazine. In fact, we liked the article so much that we decided to translate it and share an excerpt from it with you. New lights for a new world At the beginning of the 1990s, Hungary, which was shaking off the cobwebs from a

From the first day of its existence, the Domoff Interiors entered the market as a major player among architects and designers who deal with extremely large-scale objects in terms of size and complexity of work. From small cozy houses with a total area of ​​200 sq. M. to luxurious mansions and residences from 1000 sq.m, the architectural