Luxury Home: Modern. Elegant. Comfortable.

vague crystal chandelier

Benyei Architectural Studio has designed a modern luxury home whose design tips its hat to the past, but whose accessories and special attention to detail offer a warm welcome into the 21st century. Closely cooperating with their client, the design team managed to locate and take advantage of the special intersection, where modern and elegant coexist along with breathtaking comfort. It’s also a home that is dressed to impress.

However, the designers and their client clearly resisted the temptation to overindulge and make what is a home overly opulent, instead maintaining space and concentrating on clean shapes and premium materials that are allowed to breath rather than take away from each other. Thought has been put into every element; anything deemed superfluous has been left aside.

Image © Zsolt Batár

Not only is this contemporary luxury residence sleek, modern and elegant, but it also embraces sustainability: this Benyei Studios creation is a “passive” house that is heated by geothermal energy.

Among the bespoke, premium materials that are allowed some breathing room in this luxury residence is a MANOOI crystal chandelier, our VAGUE model, which is a reminiscent of waves on a transcendentally calm ocean, VAGUE represents the next generation of Manooi crystal chandeliers and is a precursor to the Crystalight Collection.

As the centerpiece of the room it illuminates a volcanic stone table from Italy below. It’s well-paced, especially given the lamp’s design being all about expressing the perfect imperfection of the universe. Clearly, within this clean dining space, our VAGUE model is allowed to do its thing: illuminate and (like a priceless jewel) snatch the attention of those who enter the dining space, presumably for an outstanding dining experience. Half the battle is done, after having hypnotized the dining guests into the belief that they’re about to take part in something special.