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Looop composition in the atrium project

Manooi chandeliers feature in the gorgeous atrium of the Salamander shop in Vienna. For this project, we had a complex task of creating the interior design corporate book for the Salamander brand to raise the company’s quality rating and drastically increase store sales and profits. Along with the planning of the interior design, we produced

Tawazen-Manooi cooperation

The installation of a Fjord composition was part of the renovation of a residential villa project to fill the spacious and large hall with life and sparkle. The interior design of the villa was led by Fouad Mirza, Founder and Creative Director of the Tawazen Speciality Consultancies. Fjord lamps are vibrating waterfalls of crystal that surely dazzle the

Manooi at the Kitchen Exhibition in Budapest.

On March 1-3, 2019 we took part in the Kitchen Exhibition in Budapest, which brought together leaders in the kitchen design and equipment industry. This exhibition featured our flagship model Deep Sky, which became a real eye-catcher of the space. This exclusive crystal chandelier placed against the light monochrome background brought a strong dramatic effect.